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Aloha Empowers Global Businesses with Big Data to stay on Track with Rapidly Changing Customer Demand

Aloha Empowers Global Businesses with Big Data to stay on Track with Rapidly Changing Customer Demand

Tue Nov 13, 2018 - 05:30am UTC

Aloha Technology use Big Data for businesses to understand customers better through better decision-making and to help with digital transformation by maximizing value.

India – November 13, 2018

With the increasing importance and power of analytics to turbocharge companies and businesses, Aloha Technology showcases Big Data as a centerpiece service offering designed to help clients around the world gain a better understanding of customers and to address the rapidly changing customer needs in a highly connected society.

With the rise of mobile technology and innovations in all things digital including social media, consumers from all walks of life create digital footprints and produce a wellspring of data on a daily basis. Lakes of massively built up data sit on servers or in the clouds, waiting to be mined, analyzed and turned into useful insights for companies.

“To boost their competitive edge, companies need the expertise and the infrastructure on how to tap these lakes of accumulated data into impactful actionable information,” stressed Anuradha S.M., Head of Communication at Aloha Technology. “There is a certain urgency to engage in Big Data analytics and Aloha certainly has the talent, resources and expertise to assist companies in this endeavor,” added Anuradha.

Aloha Technology uses Big Data implementation to help digital transformation for diverse industries by maximizing value and, as a consequence, achieve a significant improvement in decision-making. “Every large global organization deals with massive volumes of data and Aloha is here to leverage our expertise in helping companies sort through the puzzle and deliver actionable insights with speed and agility,” replied Wang when asked about its capabilities.

More specifically, with regards to Big Data, Aloha specializes in helping enterprises develop, deploy and maintain cloud management systems for the public, private and hybrid cloud environment. The Big Data services provided include, but are not limited, to data migration, data integration, data query and exploration, monitoring services, analytics solutions, big data solutions, big data consulting and a whole lot more depending on the industry and the customized needs of clients.

Anuradha declared that, with regards to Big Data services, clients can count on Aloha to help them “capitalize on performance with parallel processing, having a complete support for data configuration, providing safeguards to data even if nodes fail, and to have a competent team ready to assist them in a moment’s notice.”

There are many industries that now rely a great deal on Big Data and chief among them are the financial services sector such as banks and other related institutions. Banks, for example, rely on Big Data to serve customer needs with speed and accuracy on a range of transactions anywhere from simple bank account queries to loan origination, among others. The travel and tourism industry also relies on the power of Big Data to serve the highly customized needs of the travelers with speed and agility.

With more than a decade of experience in the Information Technology sector, Aloha prides itself in being a leader in providing digital transformation and technology services to the top 500 companies, including small businesses, worldwide. These services often include research, UX/UI design, strategy, software development, platform or enterprise development and implementation.

Aloha is an industry leader in services such as cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering and development, e-commerce, customer relationship building, among others. These services often include consulting, strategy, ideation, execution, development, implementation and maintenance. It is also at the leading edge of providing business process innovation and outsourcing, supply chain management, to mention a few.

Aloha Technology caters to a diverse set of global clients in a range of industries such as banking and finance, communication, travel and hospitality, logistics and transportation, retail, education and healthcare.

About Aloha Technology

Aloha Technology is a global IT services firm delivering digital transformation by putting digital and data to work to create a competitive advantage. Aloha’s domain expertise spans across several business verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Business Intelligence, BFSI, Enterprise Collaboration, Supply Chain, Internet Advertising and CRM. Leading ISVs look at us as a strategic R&D outsourcing and end-to-end product development choice. Aloha’s global presence includes a workforce of designers, application developers, computer scientists and engineers, and digital technology and subject matter experts ready to serve the growing 21st-century information and technology service needs of clients.

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