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PassRight Is Reinventing the Visa Immigration Process

PassRight Is Reinventing the Visa Immigration Process

Sun Nov 18, 2018 - 14:13pm UTC

America has always been a melting pot of cultures and new people coming in to find work. As our world becomes more and more globalized, the United States has continued to look abroad for quality workers. Collaboration with other countries has become essential to innovation and creating systems that work, and can add new ideas that help businesses grow. Another perspective is often important in discovering solutions to problems, which is why many companies value workers from other countries.

“Far from being a drain on the economy, immigrants are actually an engine that helps drive innovation and growth—and could even become more vital to global competitiveness in the future,” writes Michael Blanding for Forbes.

Most companies are looking for higher-skilled workers, who can provide additional knowledge in a variety of industries. Many of the new immigrants who are arriving at the United States borders work in tech since they might receive a better education relating to computing abroad as well as higher financial compensation and personal growth. Having succeeded in their own countries, immigrants might be looking to share information about certain advances that might be taking place in another location.

PassRight works with companies in order to help them find talent from other countries. Foreign talents from around the globe are applying for jobs in the United States. However, today, most applications are deleted as soon as a candidate would answer “No to one famous “KnockOut” question: Are you eligible to work in the US? To make it easier on companies, PassRight has developed an automated screen that is integrated into the hiring process. While the process of acquiring a visa was difficult for foreigners in the past, PassRight has made it much simpler to find the right talent that corporations need and to aid them in making sure they are legal to stay.

PassRight offers an automated screening for talents that are considered extraordinary in the eyes of the US government. Qualified O-1 talent meets the US government’s highest criteria for extraordinary abilities including awards, industry recognition, and top leadership roles at previous organizations. PassRight helps these businesses through every step, so companies can detect, source & find the right employee for the job in a short period of time. PassRight also provides a dedicated legal team that’s involved in each step.

According to Liran Jakob Rosenfeld CEO of the company, “PassRight is the O1-Visa company, we provide a caring legal team that supports the candidate and your company through the entire visa application. We even update you on the progress of the application in real time. If your recruiting team has been struggling to find high-caliber local or national talent. PassRight can introduce a world of global candidates.”

In some ways, immigrants can be better than native-born citizens, since they might have had more experience working in another location. According to recent statistics, immigrants create 25% of the new companies in the United States. These companies also tend to be more successful over the long run while growing at a faster rate than small businesses started by American citizens.

This not only works to increase the economy, but it also inspires motivation for American workers, as well. Having immigrant co-workers has been shown to influence native workers positively. Studies have shown that the amount of teamwork increased in offices and that the unemployment rate in several states dropped when immigrant workers were involved in the workplace.

Companies such as PassRight have been working with American corporations in order to make the process of immigration easier overall. Many of the potential employees using PassRight work within the tech industry as engineers, data scientists, frontend development, and other positions. PassRight helps businesses find talent without going through an extensive hiring process, making it simpler for qualified immigrants to find the right fit for them.

In the past, immigrants might also be hired because they provided cheaper labor. However, there are many more reasons why a company would want to consider outside talent. One of the reasons is that the United States has fallen behind on focusing on the importance of technological innovation. Countries such as China, India, and Brazil have done the opposite by making computing part of students’ secondary educations.

Foreign workers are also more likely to stick with a position rather than their American counterparts. Many are thankful to have found the chance to work abroad and bring new skill sets to their adopted countries. For many companies, this can valuable in creating a sense of loyalty and culture while encouraging workers to think outside the box.

“It’s important to recognize that foreign workers, if properly onboard, are easier to retain than domestic workers, generally because they’re grateful for the opportunity to start a different life and possibly bring over family. It’s an investment both in the company and the…economy overall,” Cody Green states in an article for the Huffington Post.

Another issue many American companies are facing is an aging population. Employees are getting older, and that means that many office environments are having to change. Older workers might not necessarily know the best strategies for a new technologically-savvy world, where immigrants who have been educated in new tech might have solutions to new problems.

Several experts see the integration of foreign workers as a positive asset, and argue without them the United States risks falling behind in several sectors. Most of all, immigrants offer a key toward rebuilding a stagnant economy by injecting new ideas and small businesses into the market. With a company like PassRight, it is also simpler to find the right candidate for the job. Using a series of questions, it takes an afternoon to find the perfect addition to the team.

“You can double your candidate pool and gain access to the extraordinary international talent you’ve had to turn away in the past,” states the PassRight website.

Hiring immigrants also give other countries an opportunity to work on a more globalized scale. As the world becomes connected in more ways, it seems that the US economy would benefit from having foreign investments through immigration. Many other countries have been using this as a strategy and finding success, and additional investments from other nations could provide help toward a more stable world market.

Overall, a number of factors encourage the addition of immigrants from abroad to find work in the United States. As our working population ages and technological advances tend to fall behind in the overworld market, new solutions to economic issues might just come from abroad. Investments in ideas, technology, and to the economy are greatly needed in order to help a society function properly, and immigration can help the United States continue to grow and flourish in a changing world.

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