Ovcio, an untraditional silicon valley startup explained how it favored by 50,000+ cashmere lovers in its first year. - Reuters


Ovcio, an untraditional silicon valley startup explained how it favored by 50,000+ cashmere lovers in its first year.

Ovcio, an untraditional silicon valley startup explained how it favored by 50,000+ cashmere lovers in its first year.

Thu Jan 17, 2019 - 10:24am UTC

Cashmere Scarves have become an important fashion accessory for millions of people around the world and can often be seen worn by celebrities. Ovcio, a leading supplier of quality and affordable Cashmere Scarves for men and women has launched a campaign to explain how it gained the favors from more than 50,000+ customers in its first year.

The online Cashmere Scarf store has seen the number of people purchase one of their products increase during the past twelve months due to a large number of celebrities wearing the quality fashion item.

Cashmere Scarves have become a huge hit with celebrities including David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. It’s not just celebrities who are buying Cashmere Scarves. Cashmere scarves have become one of the biggest fashion accessories around the world which can be worn all through the year.

The cofounder Alex Wang was not only impressed but also inspired by the detailed manufacturing process seen in Inner Mongolia – the birthplace of the finest cashmere material. As an engineer in Silicon Valley the travel to Inner Mongolia had broaden up his horizons, it’s when and where the idea was born. The idea to make a significant change in his career path. He dedicated an entire year to thoroughly explore the process of manufacturing the finest Mongolia cashmere with one thought in mind-providing the world with the most luxurious and precious cashmere.

Ever since the release of their extensive collection of scarves, they`ve gained mass popularity in New York hence of the truly exceptional quality. Ovcio’s scarves are manufactured from the finest cashmere that comes straight from Inner Mongolia, and surely the people can tell that there is quite a difference. Only the best cashmere fibers are collected from a local family business, a Batu Jegu farm in the heart of Inner Mongolia. Their one of a kind commitment goes even step further by opening a fulfillment center near Inner Mongolia. This way they are able to carefully observe and control the entire process of creating their magnificent cashmere scarves. The transparent manufacturing process and the direct shipment from Inner Mongolia are what makes this brand stand out from the crowd. I think we can all agree that making extra effort to make sure that what you deliver to your customers is what you are marketing goes a long way into proving that you are not only in it for the money nor for the “hustle game.” Practice what you preach, and surely we can tell that this brand has taken things seriously.

Not only Ovcio scarves are created from the finest cashmere raw material fiber but also affordable unlike other unrealistic and super-pricey cashmere products. Additionally, hence of the RippleLite weaving technology, they are packed with stunning features. They are heavenly soft as soft as a baby’s skin, breathable- which makes them suitable for every season possible, lightweight, wrinkle-free, lofty, and even odor free. It is almost unbelievable how many exceptional characteristics they own.

Many celebrities fashion advisers love using Cashmere scarves when choosing what their clients should be wearing. Due to the quality of an Ovcio cashmere scarf and how fashionable it is, it can help transform and improve an outfit. By simply adding a cashmere scarf, an outfit warn before on the red carpet or at a special event previously, can be transformed into a totally new outfit.

To learn more about the wide range of cashmere scarves available, please visit https://www.ovcio.com/

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