PuduTech debuts HOLABOT at CES 2019, opening a new era for delivery robots - Reuters


PuduTech debuts HOLABOT at CES 2019, opening a new era for delivery robots

PuduTech debuts HOLABOT at CES 2019, opening a new era for delivery robots

Wed Jan 9, 2019 - 16:00pm UTC

LAS VEGAS – January 9, 2019

PuduTech, a global leader in delivery robot industry debuted three products at CES 2019 and showed the world consumers the latest progress in delivery robot.

Futuristic Design
With concise design, HOLABOT features a size of 547x407x673mm, much smaller and more compact than its competitors. It has a simple flat appearance in diverse bright colors with lights on both sides and taillights in the front and rear as well as clean lateral lines presents strong visual impact with futuristic touches.

Smart Human-Robot Interaction System
HOLABOT equipped with AI speech interaction and facial recognition. It may tell direction of human faces with RGBD camera and elevate its screen to the height at which users feel comfortable to operate it; users can unlock its cabin with facial recognition. In addition, there are automated trays within the cabin that will elevate themselves for users to fetch. In short, HOLABOT optimizes both user experience and delivery security.

Multi-Floor Delivery
Embedded with prominent Internet of Things technologies, HOLABOT is universally applicable and efficient and free from elevator and access control for it may pass turnstiles and take elevators by itself. Based on the module of elevator control and the multi-floor navigation algorithm by PuduTech, the robot may navigate itself to the designated floor, thus meeting demands for multi-floor delivery and upgrading its delivery capacity from one-floor to multi-floor setting.

Fast Speed
HOLABOT is equipped with LiDAR, RGBD camera, ultrasonic sensors etc. Based on PuduTech’s cutting-edge multi-sensor fusion algorithm, SLAM algorithm and perception algorithm, its positioning accuracy can reach centimeter-level. HOLABOT can also detect obstacles at faster rate so that it can avoid obstacles more efficiently. HOLABOT can pass through a 0.6m wide aisle and circumvent obstacles quickly, and its maximum speed reaches 2m/s. Its delivery efficiency is greatly improved.

Optimal Path Planning
PuduTech’s path planning algorithm empowers HOLABOT to recognize obstacles in the path. Once encountering obstacles, the robot will work out alternative routes and select the optimal one to ensure safe and timely delivery. Multiple sensors as embedded in PUDUBOT and GAZEBOT as well as significant upgrade of motion planning make HOLABOT stand out from its competitive products.

Original Multi-Robot Dispatch System
Being the third-generation delivery robot, HOLABOT also supports PuduTech ’s multi-robot dispatch system, which allows for operation of 100 robots at the same time. HOLABOT can collect path traffic information and share it with other working robots via cloud. Moreover, multiple operating robots can move smoothly in the same or opposite direction or at intersection.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of delivery robots, PuduTech has been committed to independent research and development as well as mass production since 2016. It has been focusing on exploration in the field of delivery robots and strives to become the world’s leading solution provider for delivery robots and low-speed self-driving vehicles.

Contact Info:
Name: Jennings Zhu
Email: Send Email
Organization: Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd
Phone: 86 755 26909874
Website: http://www.pudutech.com

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