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Kartikeya Sharma’s ITV Network To Launch World’s First Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant

Kartikeya Sharma’s ITV Network To Launch World’s First Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant

Wed Feb 13, 2019 - 10:00am UTC

Kartikeya Sharma has undoubtedly already shaped the media industry. There is a good chance that Sharma has more big surprises in store for the future. The NewsX AI is just a step in the right direction.

Noida, India – February 13, 2019

Owner of iTV Network, Kartikeya Sharma, has announced that the network will soon launch the world’s first AI voice assistant for newsrooms.

Ever since its inception, the iTV Network has been at the forefront of the media industry. The network has managed to capture a majority share of the market base and continues to grow year after year. The company consistently makes news and turns heads.

Earlier this month, it was announced that iTV Network would soon be launching a revolutionary AI voice assistant for NewsX studios. This AI voice assistant, called NewsX AI, is an integrated Studio Voice Assistant or SVA, optimized for the network’s daily programs and operations. The company believes that the technology could prove revolutionary.

According to the company, the SVA will be of great use during special news events, like national elections. For instance, it will be used during the 2019 General Elections and will serve a few key purposes. During the elections, the AI assistant will help answer questions and provide viewers with facts in real time. AI has grown more popular over the past few years. However, it has yet to make a mark in the entertainment and news industry. That will change with the release of the NewsX AI.

The launch of NewsX AI will also mark the first time in India that a news network integrates a studio voice assistant for live debates and shows. The SVA will be integrated into the existing PCR systems to ensure that simultaneous audio and video can be outputted without any issues whatsoever.

To make things even more interesting, the SVA’s voice output can be further enhanced with holographic data projections. This will provide viewers with on-screen graphical visualizations relevant to the matter being discussed. The company is excited to bring the technology to the forefront of news media and it hopes viewers will benefit the most.

For Kartikeya Sharma, Pro Wrestling League was a big leap in the right direction. The SVA could be even more impactful.

Cutting-edge Technology
The founder and promoter of iTV Network, Kartikeya Sharma believes that future technologies will help improve viewer experience. He said that iTV Network is committed to its partners, customers and viewers. The company is constantly looking for innovative practices that can help enhance viewer participation, access and interactivity.

Sharma believes that the NewsX AI Studio Voice Assistant will deliver all the desired results in this specific category. He said that the SVA is “a giant leap into the cutting edge of the future of live news casting”. The technology could very well spark a revolution in television news far and wide.

IFTTT technology has become very popular in recent years. “If This Then That” is a unique technology that allows certain products to interact with a network of services and programmes based on the environment or on the activity underway.

The SVA will be compatible with IFTT and this will greatly increase its functionality. It will also make it possible for the SVA to fluidly carry out question-and-answer segments. The NewsX team has worked diligently to compile and program hundreds, if not thousands, of data points, which will be used by the SVA to analyze information and deliver the answers that viewers are looking for.

The NewsX AI SVA has been in the works for quite some time. In fact, it has gone through weeks of off-air testing to ensure that it will be ready for action on launch day. Rules have been put in place to govern its use as well.

The Rules
Certain in-house rules have been developed to ensure that the SVA doesn’t interfere with the network’s presenters. For instance, the computer will only be able to answer facts- and data-based questions. It can only be operated through a human interface. Finally, the AI device won’t be used to control vital PCR operations.

It is also important to protect the privacy of studio guests. To do that, the team has gone above and beyond to ensure that NewsX AI doesn’t maintain any transcripts of discussions from the studio. It will keep a record of questions asked and answered delivered. This will enable the team to continue improving the SVA well into the future.

The Future
Consumers should not be surprised to see newer forms of modern technology being added to their traditional news mediums in the years to come. The future of NewsX AI would be a sign foretelling the future of news-room technology. Nevertheless, iTV Network has made it clear that it intends to deliver more technological advancements in the future. For instance, the company claims that it will soon use voice-operated studio lights, video walls, video selections and more during broadcasts. AI prediction polls, handled by computer AI, will also be made a part of the overall package.

If things go well with NewsX and iTV Network, there is a good chance that this AI technology will continue to spread around the globe. Viewers can expect to see the NewsX AI SVA in action within a matter of months.

Kartikeya Sharma is among India’s most influential entrepreneurs. He is the founder of iTV Network. With the help of Sharma, iTV Network has become one of the most popular news networks globally.

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