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Azultec’s Eco-Friendly Super Workstation Places The Future In The Hands Of Decentralized Innovation

Azultec’s Eco-Friendly Super Workstation Places The Future In The Hands Of Decentralized Innovation

Mon Feb 18, 2019 - 07:30am UTC

While fintech biggest names appear weak in the face of liquid market struggles, azultec’s initiative is set to provide enthusiasts community a solution based on liquidity, profitable computing power, and low energy costs.

Stukenbrock, Germany – February 18, 2019

Decentralization is the backbone of azultec; this German project decided to carry out from now on the development of distributed industry hand in hand with renewable energy. After the joint effort of its specialized team, the enterprise is currently driving force behind its line of liquid-asset devices set to eradicate the use of fossil fuels and polluting enterprise engines, starting from the European region.

Inside azultec

Green energy has the ability to revolutionize the entire world, that is the philosophy azultec’s co-founders Nathanael Draht (CEO), Andreas Rudnicki (CEO) and Aaron Licht (CMO) addressed during their passage and triumph at the CES 2019 Innovation Awards.

Since the beginning of last year, the team decided to take the experience and leadership of their companies – Aquatuning (PC liquid cooling distributor), Alphacool (water-cooling) and technikPR (top PR agency) – to run a new era where cloud network, CGI rendering, and mining come together in a proposal as profitable as it is ecological.

azultec produces a set of powerful devices among which the WizardMachine and the Cube stand out. The latter, described as a “super workstation,” was developed to become the ultimate cloud-rendering solution. By acquiring it, device owners can offer their offer their computing capacity for a broad audience online: advertising agencies, 3D design studios, animation, and even Hollywood – through a software on the Cube, that requires no negotiation with each individual rendering client.

But the most exciting aspect is that its manufacturers applied the principles of thermoelectrics to significantly reduce the share of energy consumption – which according to The Guardian involves almost 50% of UE’s demand-, and also allow the mining of digital assets during the device’s idle time.

Deconstructing the Cube

azultec has bet for a level of sustainability that extends from its core concept to the technical aspect of the Cube, and its effect on daily life. Upgraded graphics cards with guaranteed durability and performance ranging from 300 – 500 MH / s – depending on the model – precede the “plug-and-play” mode, where the pre-programmed system and a minimalistic dashboard enable owners to install it easily. This process only requires an Internet connection to start rendering and producing monthly profits.

The answer lies in the recuperation

The Cube’s recuperation process originates from what was previously energy lost due to the heat produced by the computation process – now it can be used by the owners as a private energy resource. The device can be placed to work along with the internal heater and heat the main water tank, the heating circuit or even combine the photovoltaic system and store energy.

Studies and tests driven by the German company under the pressuring temperatures of Dubai (46 ° C) at the end of 2018, gave fascinating figures. The team discovered energy could be reused in margins up to 72% – in contrast to the complete waste of regular methods. Finally, the device is preserved by a liquid cooling system that also lowers the temperatures of the house, so the use of air conditioning or fans will no longer be necessary.

Resources created to evolve

As mentioned above, the azultec portfolio is currently expanding. Initial models of the Cube and WizardMachine – the Cube 300 and the WizardMachine 300 will be diversified into Cube 400 and WizardMachine 400-500.

azultec also seeks to establish itself as a leader in the digital industry not only in Europe but also Asia and the US, since it plans to take its recuperation concept and apply it into other areas that urgently need to take the next step towards sustainability. Among them the automotive industry -powered entirely or partially by electricity- and the industry 4.0, both scheduled to start in 2020.


With a strategy that integrates environmental awareness, monetization, special packages, and referral programs, the project is expected to attract the attention of investors, decentralized commerce enthusiasts and a significant part of the CGI industry; who will have the opportunity to get involved with azultec during its pre-sale phase on March 5 – registrations for the initial offer are already open.

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