Germany doesn't see biofuel waiver proposal going through G7

BERLIN, June 26 (Reuters) - Germany does not expect its proposal for a temporary waiver on biofuel mandates to get agreement from the Group of Seven leading industrialized democracies due to resistance from the United States and Canada, a German government source said.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that officials from some G7 countries, including Germany and Britain, would push for temporary waivers on biofuels mandates to combat soaring food prices during a summit of the G7 leaders on Sunday. read more

"A temporary waiver on biofuel would be an important signal by the G7 to reduce grain prices in the short term and to relax the market situation," the source told Reuters on Sunday.

The source said rising fuel prices was the argument U.S. and Canada officials were bringing against introducing a biofuel mandate waiver.

A White House official said the issue was being negotiated by the sherpas at the summit.

Canadian officials were not immediately available for comment.

Reporting by Riham Alkousaa and Andrea Shalal Editing by Hans Seidenstuecker and Thomas Escritt

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