Nornickel pumped out diesel from Arctic fuel tank after small leak

MOSCOW, May 19 (Reuters) - Russia's Nornickel has pumped out 12,200 tonnes of diesel from one of its fuel tanks in the Arctic following a leak of 20 litres, the company said on Wednesday, adding that there was no damage to the environment.

The company collected the 20 litres of fuel which leaked and pumped out the remaining fuel from the tank to other reservoirs to minimise risks. read more

A year ago, 21,000 tonnes of oil products leaked from a cracked tank at Nornickel's power plant into the Arctic rivers and soil. The biggest such accident in the Russian Arctic this century cost the company $2 billion in fines. read more

In 1994, another partly-Arctic Komi region in Russia witnessed a bigger oil spill, when its aging pipeline network sprang a leak that was officially said to have totalled 79,000 tonnes, or 585,000 barrels. Independent estimates put the figure at up to 2 million barrels. read more

Reporting by Polina Devitt; editing by Chizu Nomiyama

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