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Commentary: The glue that binds Britain and the United States together


As U.S. President Donald Trump proclaims “America First” and Britain hums along to the words of “Rule Britannia,” can a special relationship still exist between two states that seem to have decided to draw back within themselves?


Commentary: How to describe American military options in North Korea? Bad and worse.

As U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Washington’s “strategic patience” with North Korea has ended and “all options are on the table” to slow its nuclear ambitions, U.S. and South Korean forces were preparing for a range of military scenarios.


Commentary: The right way to address the Marines United Facebook group

During the Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on March 14, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand expressed outrage at the failure of the military to address sexual misconduct in the ranks. Referring to the group of active and retired military men who distributed compromising photos of female U.S. Marines through social media, she asked, "Who has been held accountable?”


Podcast: The growing rift between Trump and his intelligence agencies, and why it’s cause for concern

Even before he took office, Donald Trump was denigrating the U.S. intelligence community – in large part because of its investigation into Russian influence on the presidential election, which challenged the integrity of his victory. That relationship has continued to sour, through Trump’s controversial speech at CIA headquarters and his attack on leaks that helped lead to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation.


Commentary: In legal battles against travel ban, Trump’s own statements are his worst enemy

Throughout the U.S. presidential campaign, Donald Trump boasted of his plan to ban Muslim visitors and immigrants from America. He often criticized Islam, conflating the religion with extremism, at campaign rallies and in television interviews. For more than a year, there were few consequences for Trump invoking an Islamic boogeyman.


Commentary: How alleged Trump-Russia ties have affected the administration – so far

FBI Director James Comey, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and other witnesses are expected to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday in the first public hearing on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


Commentary: Europe needs radical change – and support from Trump

The meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel last Friday was delayed three days by a storm. The encounter itself could have been stormy, so opposed are the two principals to each other politically, morally and personally: but on the evidence of the chilly press conference, storms of temper were likely suppressed. We should hope that some investigative journalism can reconstruct the details of the get-together between the world's most politically powerful ma


Podcast: How spreading democracy keeps dictators in power

For his views on democracies and dictatorships, he’s been called a cynic. But NYU professor Alastair Smith doesn’t think that makes him wrong.


Commentary: The biggest risk to the Fed and European Central Bank

The world’s two main central banks are heading in different directions. The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates at its meeting this week, with further increases to come later this year. By contrast, the European Central Bank (ECB) will keep euro zone interest rates as low as possible while continuing its now two-year-long program of quantitative easing (QE), in which it creates new money to buy bonds.


Commentary: Europe on knife edge of uncertainty, maybe catastrophe

March 2017 is an uncomfortable time to be a European. Almost wherever you look, traditional certainties are unraveling in the face of a perfect storm of crises.

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