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Krka dd Novo Mesto says dispute regarding esomeprazole in the Great Britain ended

Krka dd Novo Mesto:AstraZeneca AB, Sweden and AstraZeneca UK Limited have not applied for leave to appeal at the Supreme Court against the decision of the Court of Appeal.Court of Appeal awarded to Krka damages and legal costs in the amount of slightly less than 21 million euros.damages and legal costs were for losses Krka had suffered because it was injuncted to sell its esomeprazole products in the Great Britain between mid-2010 to mid-2011 because alleged infringement of the patent EP 1 020 461.Krka will reverse the provisions formed for the esomeprazole case in the amount of 20 million euros as all legal means have been exhausted.reversal of provisions will be recognized in the 2015 financial statements.

Krka dd Novo Mesto receives decision by the European Commission regarding perindopril

Krka dd Novo Mesto:The European Commission imposed a fine of 10 million euros on Krka because Krka had allegedly breached Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and caused distortion on the perindopril market in the European Union.Krka believes that its actions did not cause a distortion or delay in launching of perindopril on the European Union markets and did not breach competition rules.The company shall file an appeal/suit against the European Union Commission decision to the Court of Justice of the European Union.Nevertheless, Krka shall pay the imposed fine within the deadline set by the Commission, i.e. in 3 months after the notification of the decision.Decision to reverse the provision in the amount of 37.5 million euros, this is the amount of the provision after payment of the fine, will be adopted at the end of the business year when more circumstances will be known.Krka published the announcements considering the investigation on Nov. 26, 2008, Jan. 6, 2009, July 8, 2009 and July 3, 2014.

Krka dd Novo Mesto proposes dividend for FY 2013

Krka dd Novo Mesto:Proposes dividend of 2.10 euros per share for the 2013 fiscal year.The dividend will be paid in 60 days from the adoption of the resolution.The record date is proposed for July 8.Ex-dividend date is proposed for July 7.The General Meeting is called for July 3.

Krka dd Novo Mesto announces end of dispute regarding esomeprazole in Norway

Krka dd Novo Mesto (Krka):Says Supreme Court in Norway in the proceedings for alleged infringement of the patent NO 307 378, which protects the product esomeprazole with a high optical purity, refused Krka’s request for leave to appeal.By this decision the dispute regarding esomeprazole in Norway is closed.

Krka dd Novo Mesto updates on patent proceedings with AstraZeneca

Krka dd Novo Mesto:Receives decision of High Court of Justice, Patents Court in London in tort proceeding with AstraZeneca AB, Svedska and AstraZeneca UK Limited (together AstraZeneca).Krka and its U.K. partner requested damages because of interim injunction which prevented sales of Krka's Esomeprazole in United Kingdom between mid-2010 and mid-2011 for alleged infringement of AstraZeneca's patent EP 1 020 461.Krka is to receive damages and legal costs of about 21,000,000 euros.Decision is not final and can be appealed by AstraZeneca.

Krka dd Novo Mesto recommends FY 2013 dividend

Krka dd Novo Mesto:Proposes that Krka pays its shareholders a dividend of 2.10 euros gross per share, which is an increase of 30 percent on last year's dividend.At its meeting the Supervisory Board prepared a proposal on the use of the 2013 accumulated profit, together with the Management Board.They will propose that General Meeting on July 3 allocates accumulated profit for 2013 of 179,352,421.39 euros as follows: to dividends 2.10 euros gross per share or 68,908,392.00 euros in total; to other profit reserves 55,222,014.70 euros; to carry forward to the next year 55,222,014.69 euros.

Krka dd Novo Mesto receives decision of the court in Norway on esomeprazole

Krka dd Novo Mesto:Says its subsidiary Krka Sverige AB, Sweden has received the decision of the Appeal Court in Oslo in the infringement proceeding between AstraZeneca AB, Sweden and its subsidiary AstraZeneca A/S, Sweden and Krka Sverige.Says the proceeding refrred to the alleged infringement of the patent NO 307 378 which protects product esomeprazole having a high optical purity.Says the Appeal Court in Oslo decided that Krka Sverige infringed the patent NO 307 378.Says Krka Sverige has claimed that the patent NO 307 378 covers only esomeprazole having optical purity of 99.8% of enantiomeric excess (e.e.) or above.Says the scope of AstraZeneca’s invention is the same as in all other members of European Patent Convention.Says the Appeal Court in Oslo ruled against Krka Sverige and concluded that the scope of invention is broader in Norway, thus the patent NO 307 378 covers any esomeprazole having optical purity above 98% e.e.Says for this reason Krka’s product, which has optical purity above 98% e.e., falls into the scope of the patent and the patent is infringed.Says Krka Sverige was selling its esomeprazole products in Norway from October to Dec. 2010 when Krka was injuncted by the decision of the Oslo Enforcement Court. Krka Sverige must remunerate AstraZeneca for lost profits in the above period and legal costs.Says the aggregate amount is app. 2 million euro.Says the decision is final.Says Krka will file an appeal at the Norwegian Supreme Court.

Krka dd Novo Mesto Announces Its Sales and Profit Guidance for FY 2013 and FY 2014

Krka dd Novo Mesto announced that it plans to report sales of EUR 1.2 billion for the 2013 fiscal year, while its profit is expected to be slightly above the level of the 2012 year's (EUR 159.8 million). The Company also plans to report sales in amount of EUR 1.245 billion for the 2014 year. In the Company's view the planned profit for the 2014 year will be at the level of profit for the 2013. According to I/B/E/S Estimates, the Company is going to report sales (revenue) of EUR 1.211 billion in the 2013 fiscal year and EUR 1.283 billion for the 2014 fiscal year.

Krka dd Novo Mesto Announces FY 2012 Dividend Payment

Krka dd Novo Mesto announced that its General Meeting has decided to distribute the accumulated profit in the amount of EUR 177,930,458.96 for the 2012 fiscal year for dividends EUR 53,139,476.46, for other revenue reserves EUR 62,395,491.25 and retained earnings EUR 62,395,491.25. The General Meeting passed this proposal, distributing to shareholders gross dividends of EUR 1.61 per share, as proposed in the notice convening the General Meeting. Dividend payments will commence within 60 days of the General Meeting, to shareholders registered in the share register of the Central Securities Clearing Corporation as of July 9, 2013.

Krka dd Novo Mesto Announces Counter-Proposal on Dividend Payment for FY 2012

Krka dd Novo Mesto announced that following its General Meeting, there was the counter-proposed dividend payment in the amount of EUR 2.50 per share.The rest of details regarding dividend payment announced on May 22, 2013 remains the same. The previous proposed amount of dividend was equal to EUR 1.61 per share.

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