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American Green Inc and MediaTechnics Corp formalize joint venture

American Green Inc and MediaTechnics Corp:Reaches an agreement outlining a joint venture designed to generate revenues and increase market control for both companies.

Mediatechnics Corp announces board and senior management changes

Mediatechnics Corp:Says Henri Atamian has stepped down as president and ceo and appointed Jeremy Carr as MEDT's president and sole director.

Mediatechnics Corp To Form Joint Venture To Develop Computer Controlled LED Grow Lights

MediaTechnics Corporation announced that it has executed a letter of intent to form a joint venture with R-Quest Hydroponics (RQI) to develop LED lighting systems to interface with RQI's hydroponic system controllers.

Mediatechnics Corp To Acquire Metals Distribution Company

Mediatechnics Corporation announced that it signed a letter of intent to acquire Barefoot Investment Group, Inc. of Oklahoma (BFIG) in exchange for restricted preferred stock. BFIG is a special purpose vehicle chosen by the parties to complete the acquisition of one or more targeted wholesale metals distribution companies. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

MediaTechnics Corp Acquires Biomass Fuel Development Company

MediaTechnics Corp announced that it has acquired Clean Energy Production Company of San Diego, California (CEPC) in exchange for restricted preferred and common stock for a total purchase price of $1,024,000. CEPC and its partners are working to implement its plan to build biogas energy production facilities on what it hopes are, potentially, thousands of large scale farms in the United States and throughout the world. CEPC plans to utilize methane generated from farm waste to create clean, renewable electricity.

MediaTechnics Corp Forms Apex Solar Corporation In Order To Exploit Several Opportunities In Solar Power Generation Land Acquisitions

MediaTechnics Corp announced that the Company has formed Apex Solar Corporation in order to exploit several opportunities in solar power generation land acquisitions. The Company is currently engaged in negotiations with several parties to acquire a combination of land, land leases and/or options on land or land leases in the desert southwestern United States situated close to major power grid infrastructure. The Company hopes to reduce basic understandings to writing within the next few weeks and will update shareholders as necessary. Additionally, the Company has begun negotiations to assume the note against the commercial building currently covered by the Lease/Purchase Agreement dated October 1, 2010 and the conversion of the building to outright ownership through exercise of its relevant purchase option. The Company hopes to have the transaction completed in the very near future. The Company will utilize the building as its corporate headquarters and further intends to perform product testing of new technologies at this facility in the ensuing months.

MediaTechnics Corp Appoints Henri Atamian As President

MediaTechnics Corp announced that Ari S. Bass has appointed Henri Atamian to the Board of Directors and Mr. Atamian has assumed the Presidency of the Company. Subsequent to the appointment of Mr. Atamian, Mr. Bass resigned from the Board and as an officer of the Company.

Mediatechnics Corporation Announces Cancellation Of Acquisition Of Forward Energy, LLC

Mediatechnics Corporation announced, pursuant to the terms of a Stock Purchase Agreement executed April 19, 2010, that it has cancelled its acquisition of Forward Energy, LLC of Billings, Montana. More information on the cancellation of the agreement shall be forthcoming in the near-term.

Mediatechnics Corporation Completes Acquisition Of Forward Energy, LLC

Mediatechnics Corporation announced that it has acquired Forward Energy, LLC of Billings, Montana (Forward). Pursuant to a Stock Purchase Agreement executed April 19, 2010, Mediatechnics Corporation has acquired 100% of Forward, as a wholly owned subsidiary. Forward`s assets, liabilities, and results of operations will be fully consolidated with those of Mediatechnics Corporation. Forward`s current management will remain in place, and long-term employment agreements are being negotiated. No changes in the management or Board of Mediatechnics Corporation will occur as a result of this acquisition. The consideration for this acquisition consisted solely of shares of Mediatechnics Corporation Preferred Stock. Forward owns oil and natural gas leases in Montana that it asserts have proved undeveloped reserves approaching 200,000 barrels of oil in two wells.

Mediatechnics Corporation Reviews Several Potential Merger And Acquisition Opportunities

Mediatechnics Corporation announced that it have begun the process of expanding the line of products and services. The Company is also currently reviewing several potential merger and acquisition opportunities.

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