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In the 21St Century, the world runs on data. CEOs, governments and even NBA coaches make decisions based on statistics, polling and algorithms. Data Dive provides a daily look into the key numbers that drive trends across businesses and the world.

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Data Dive: Slipping into famine

Four countries in an arc across central Africa and the Middle East — Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen — are at risk of mass starvation due to conflict and drought, with two parts of South Sudan already declared officially 'under famine' by the United Nations.


Data Dive: U.S. healthcare, by the numbers

The House of Representatives passed an amended version of the American Health Care Act, the plan introduced by congressional Republicans to dismantle former President Obama's Affordable Care Act. The ACA, popularly known as Obamacare, extended insurance to about 20 million, but Republicans see the plan as government overreach and argue that it drives up costs.

A United Airline aircraft lands at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago

Airline efficiency by the numbers

The backlash against United Airlines after a passenger was dragged from a plane to make room on a crowded flight has opened a divide in the U.S. airline industry over how to manage flight overbooking. Some carriers are renouncing the practice, while others are offering richer incentives to give up seats.

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GameStop shares soar as 'meme stocks' rally again

GameStop Corp shares soared again on Thursday after doubling in the previous session, triggering a series of NYSE trading halts and leading a surprise resurgence of so-called "stonks" championed by passionate retail investors on various online forums. GameStop shares hit $160 at the open before being halted after several minutes of trading and fell to around $129 before the second halt. The stock resumed trading around 10 a.m. Eastern and hovered around $143 in afternoon trad