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Fact check: Post shows different angles of President Biden’s swearing in ceremony

A post on social media features two photographs of President Joe Biden’s swearing in ceremony that appear to show a different set up of the people on the background. Some users claim this mismatch between the images is proof that Biden’s inauguration was pre-recorded or somehow staged and inauthentic. This is false: the images, a photograph and a screengrab from C-SPAN footage, were captured from different angles.  

Fact check: Vaccine production was not halted due to deaths caused by COVID vaccines

A video that covers a range of conspiracies regarding COVID-19 vaccines is being shared on social media. The video includes the false suggestion that the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer shut down production because of deaths among vaccine recipients. There are other claims and opinions in the video that are outside the scope of this check.

Fact check: Biden’s comments about ‘doomed’ United States taken out of context

Social media users have been sharing a video clip from a Zoom call where President Joe Biden seems to say that the United States is “doomed” because the country will be “minority white European” by 2040. Biden’s words have been taken out of context. In the call then President-elect Biden held with civil rights leaders, the statistic was mentioned as a reason why “significant progress on racial equity” was so important.

Fact check: No evidence to support QAnon claims of mass arrests, military takeover, illegitimacy of Biden’s presidency or Trump’s return to power

Social media users have been sharing posts that make various claims related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, including that Martial Law and the Insurrection Act have been invoked; power has been transferred from outgoing President Trump to the military, not President Joe Biden; there have been mass arrests; Biden is not President; and Trump will come back to power on March 4th. There is no evidence to support any of these claims, linked to the widely debunked QAnon conspiracy theory.

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines will not make people test positive for the disease

A 56-minute video in which a doctor claims to tell “the truth about CV19 vaccine” contains various misleading claims, including that vaccines will make people test positive for COVID-19, thereby artificially increasing the number of new cases; that the disease was renamed as part of a cover-up; and that there are proven effective treatments for COVID-19 that the media is ignoring. There are numerous other claims in the video that are outside the scope of this fact check.