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Fact check: Viral op-ed praising Trump has been misattributed to former mayor of Livermore, CA

In the run-up to President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, an op-ed allegedly written by the mayor of a San Francisco Bay Area city began re-circulating on social media. The piece defends Donald Trump’s “lack of decorum, dignity, and statesmanship,” and praises the former president for “defeating the Left using their own tactics” and “fight(ing) for America.” The words, however, have been wrongly attributed to Dr Marshall Kamena, an optometrist and former mayor of Livermore, California. The

Fact check: Biden’s granddaughters did not disappear during his inauguration, no evidence to prove inauguration was staged

Social media users have been sharing a video, which claims that President Biden’s inauguration was staged because his granddaughters suddenly disappeared while he was taking the oath of office and also because First Lady Jill Biden wore two different pairs of shoes during the day. This claim is false: Biden’s granddaughters were present throughout the oath and the video gives no clear reason as to why Jill Biden changing her shoes would be proof that the inauguration was staged.

Fact check: Ted Nugent shared but did not write ‘letter to Biden’ that went viral

Social media posts, shared thousands of times, show a text attributed to Ted Nugent which is addressed to President Joe Biden that says: “This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump.”. While the musician did post this “letter” on his Facebook page on Nov. 18, 2020, a spokeswoman for Nugent confirmed to Reuters that he was not the author of the letter. 

Fact check: Post shows different angles of President Biden’s swearing in ceremony

A post on social media features two photographs of President Joe Biden’s swearing in ceremony that appear to show a different set up of the people on the background. Some users claim this mismatch between the images is proof that Biden’s inauguration was pre-recorded or somehow staged and inauthentic. This is false: the images, a photograph and a screengrab from C-SPAN footage, were captured from different angles.  

Fact check: Vaccine production was not halted due to deaths caused by COVID vaccines

A video that covers a range of conspiracies regarding COVID-19 vaccines is being shared on social media. The video includes the false suggestion that the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer shut down production because of deaths among vaccine recipients. There are other claims and opinions in the video that are outside the scope of this check.