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Dutch PM stands by plan to axe tax to woo big business


AMSTERDAM Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will push ahead with plans to scrap the country's dividend tax, he said on Friday, warning that failure to do so could prompt Unilever and Shell to move their headquarters elsewhere.

Support in UK for more tax and spending at 15-year high: survey

LONDON Support in Britain for increased levels of tax to fund more public spending has hit a 15-year high, according to a survey published on Friday, after nearly a decade of government efforts to cut its budget deficits.

Sep 20 2018

EU to step up legal battle with Britain over import scam

BRUSSELS The European Commission is expected to step up a legal battle on Wednesday against Britain to recover 2.7 billion euros ($3.2 billion) in lost revenues due to an import scam, two European officials told Reuters on Tuesday.

Sep 18 2018

Swiss parliament approves corporate tax overhaul

ZURICH The Swiss parliament approved a corporate tax overhaul on Wednesday that it hopes will stave off the danger of it landing on a European Union blacklist of uncooperative tax havens.

Sep 12 2018

Unilever has plan B if Dutch retain dividend tax

AMSTERDAM/LONDON Unilever has a plan to avoid unequal taxation for shareholders in countries such as Britain if the Dutch government fails to scrap its 15 percent withholding tax on dividends as planned or delays doing so.

Sep 11 2018

House Republicans release second round of proposed tax cuts

WASHINGTON Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday released plans for a second round of tax cuts, which follow comprehensive tax legislation enacted in December.

Sep 10 2018

China to increase export tax rebates on 397 products

BEIJING China said on Friday it will increase export tax rebates for 397 items ranging from some steel products to electronic ones, in a bid to boost prospects for shipments amid its trade war with the United States.

Sep 07 2018

Republicans could limit SALT impact in new tax legislation

WASHINGTON U.S. Republicans, aiming to get another round of tax legislation through the House of Representatives before the Nov. 6 elections, said on Thursday that they are considering ways to minimize political blowback from a new cap on federal deductions for state and local tax payments.

Sep 06 2018

China unveils tax breaks for banks to spur loans to small firms

BEIJING China has unveiled tax breaks for banks and other financial institutions to encourage lending to small firms, in the latest step to support the cooling economy amid rising trade tensions with the United States.

Sep 06 2018

Russia's oil industry can shoulder extra taxes, finance ministry says

MOSCOW Russia's oil industry is awash with cash and will be able to withstand the planned 1 trillion rubles ($15 billion) in extra taxes over the next six years, Alexei Sazanov, the head of the tax department in the finance ministry, said in an interview.

Sep 03 2018

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