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Opel defends inclusion of employee leases in sales data

FRANKFURT, July 22 German carmaker Opel, which is being bought by French rival PSA Group from General Motors, said on Saturday that its sales figures included cars pre-registered by Opel and leased by company workers and pensioners and their families.

UPDATE 1-Brazil's Triunfo clinches $673 mln restructuring with banks

BOGOTA, July 22 TPI Triunfo Participações & Investimentos SA and a pool of about 20 banks have agreed on terms to restructure 2.113 billion real ($672.6 million) of debt, giving the Brazilian infrastructure firm a lifeline to finalize projects and downsize gradually.

EU antitrust regulators say probing possible German car cartel

BRUSSELS, July 22 EU antitrust regulators are investigating allegations of a cartel among a group of German carmakers, the European Commission said on Saturday, a measure that could result in hefty fines for the companies.

Polish court overhaul meets growing wave of criticism, protests

WARSAW, July 22 Poland's ruling party on Saturday dismissed a growing wave of criticism from abroad and worries at home that an overhaul of the Supreme Court would undermine judicial independence.

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UK's Boots "truly sorry" over morning-after pill campaign response

LONDON, July 22 British pharmacy chain Boots has apologised for its response to a campaign calling for it to cut the price of one of its morning-after pills and said it was looking for cheaper alternatives.

Australian man dies in faulty air bag crash

July 22 An Australian man who died in a Sydney car crash may be the 18th death linked to faulty Takata air bags, after police said he was killed when hit in the neck by shrapnel from an air bag.

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