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Creative ways to spend your nest egg


Half-birthdays usually do not count for much, but one that really matters happens at age 70-1/2.  Full Article 

Family Finance

Antidote to financial infidelity is honesty

If you think infidelity only occurs between the sheets, think again. It can also occur via secret purchases, hidden accounts, and surreptitiously withdrawn savings.   Full Article 


After tax cut, which employee perks are best?

If you were choosing from a menu, which would you pick: a $1,000 bonus, an extra percentage point match on your 401(k) or higher pay?  Full Article 


Traumatic jolts lead to personal growth

Some of my favorite stories on the retirement beat are not about retirement at all. Rather, they are about people who have taken sharp turns later in life to new careers.  Full Article 


Got cash? Here is what to do with it now

While there is no return to the 5 percent money market yields savers got a decade ago, there is some relief.  Full Article 


Life lessons from author James Patterson

Most writers dream of publishing a book in their lifetime, and maybe even selling a few copies. Then there is James Patterson, who has sold over 300 million of them.  Full Article 

A woman walks out of the ocean following a swim past sunset at Moon Light Beach in Encinitas, California October 28, 2014.    REUTERS/Mike Blake

The best place to retire? You get to pick

Reuters has teamed up with Zillow to give you the power to customize a list of your best places to retire. Learn how to use our interactive tool to help you determine the cities and towns that meet your criteria.   Full Article