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First Jobs


All the right notes: First jobs of famous musicians


NEW YORK Without music, life would be a mistake, according to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Deep Thinkers: First jobs of top American minds

NEW YORK With the recent demise of Stephen Hawking, humanity lost one of its greatest minds, someone able to contemplate the deepest and most perplexing mysteries of life and the universe.

Win, Lose or Draw: First jobs of animation sensations

NEW YORK Think of the golden age of American animation, and the mind tends to go back to the days of Walt Disney and Steamboat Willie.

History Lessons: First jobs of famous historians

NEW YORK (This January 4 story has been refiled to remove reference to the Model Cities Program in the fifth paragraph, because this was not the program Drew Gilpin Faust worked for at the time.)

Retail disruption is nothing compared to gnarly first jobs

NEW YORK If any industry is in the throes of total disruption right now, it is retail.

First jobs: How to prepare for a life of giving away money

NEW YORK From multiple hurricanes to earthquakes, wildfires and refugee crises, it seems there was a new humanitarian crisis at every turn in 2017.

Bright Forecasts: First jobs of weather gurus

NEW YORK Looking at the weather and other natural phenomena these days, it seems the only thing that has yet to occur is a plague of locusts.

Back-breaking labor helped these four-star generals on their way

NEW YORK You have to be pretty tough to make it as a four-star general in the U.S. military. So it makes sense that some top military commanders would get their starts working in rigorous first jobs.

First Jobs: Very small roles for future Broadways stars

(The writer is a Reuters contributor. The opinions expressed are his own)

Weird Science: First jobs of some leading scientists

NEW YORK While top scientists may be deploying their brainpower on critical projects such as climate change research and conservation, they often entered the workforce in far more modest ways.

First jobs of Madison Avenue's ad wizards

NEW YORKThanks to TV shows like "Mad Men," the advertising world seems to many to be impossibly stylish and full of intrigue.

First Jobs: A toast to how winemakers got their starts

NEW YORKNot all of the world's most notable winemakers are to the manor born, and they are not all from France or Italy. Some took a more circuitous route to the vineyard and now toil anywhere from Napa Valley to New Zealand.

The right stuff: first jobs of America's astronauts

NEW YORK While many dream about what is beyond our horizon on Earth, some actually get to see outer space up close.

First Jobs: How to make it to the governor's mansion

NEW YORK The road to the governor's mansion is not always paved with public-service positions. Many state leaders got their starts in much humbler jobs before they even thought about running for office.

Journey to running top hotels started with rigorous first jobs

NEW YORK No matter your politics, it's the middle of winter and most Americans would be happy to take a vacation right about now.

Podcasting precursors: Hay baling, chopping onions and waiting tables

NEW YORK It might not make a lot of sense to our grandparents, but today's media superstars are not necessarily big-screen actors or anchors of the evening news.

Ted Talk prophets started with prosaic first jobs

(This Nov. 30 story corrects the spelling of the band Little Feat in the second-to-last paragraph)

Lowly first jobs are just fodder for authors

NEW YORKWriters need good stories to stoke their fiction. What better way to get material than a crazy first job?

Hollywood endings start with humble first jobs

NEW YORK Despite their current world of glamor, not everyone with a Hollywood ending grew up in glitz.

First jobs: Coming to America

NEW YORK If there is one subject at the forefront of the 2016 U.S. election, it is immigration.