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Breakingviews - Review: The uncertain new world of labour

In 1997, Pierre Bourdieu argued that the “precariousness” of modern work was a big problem. The French intellectual claimed that the decline of secure jobs and clear career paths led to “the destruction of existence … to the degradation of every relationship with the world, time, and space”. Everyone, he said, was affected, because no one could escape the fear of being rendered precarious.

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Breakingviews - Hadas: Conglomerates will never die

Markets can be a costly business. Ronald Coase won a Nobel prize in economics in 1991 for pointing that out. He said that companies are created to save on transaction costs, and according to one interpretation, the savings are often large enough to justify pulling together quite diverse businesses. Problems at General Electric and the break-up of United Technologies show why that analysis is only partly right.

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Mark Miller on Retirement