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7 May 2019
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Aehr Test Systems, incorporated on May 25, 1977, is engaged in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced test and burn-in products to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The Company manufactures and markets full wafer contact test systems, test during burn-in systems, test fixtures, die carriers and related accessories. The Company's principal products are the Advanced Burn-In and Test System (ABTS), the FOX full wafer contact parallel test and burn-in systems, WaferPak full wafer contactor, the DiePak carrier and test fixtures. The Company develops, manufactures and sells systems, which are designed to perform reliability screening, or burn-in, of complex logic devices, memory integrated circuits (ICs), sensors and optical devices. These systems can be used to perform parallel testing and burn-in of packaged ICs, singulated bare die or ICs still in wafer form.

The Company's ABTS family of packaged part burn-in and test systems perform test during burn-in of devices, such as digital signal processors, microprocessors, microcontrollers and systems-on-a-chip, and offers individual temperature control for high-power advanced logic devices. The FOX systems are full wafer contact parallel test and burn-in systems designed to make contact with all pads of a wafer. The WaferPak cartridge includes a full-wafer probe card for use in testing wafers in FOX systems. The DiePak carrier is a reusable, temporary package that enables IC manufacturers to perform final test and burn-in of singulated bare die. The Company markets and sells its products throughout the world to semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor contract assemblers, electronics manufacturers and burn-in and test service companies.

Full Wafer Contact Systems

The Company's FOX-1P full wafer parallel test system is designed for parallel test in wafer sort. The FOX-1P system is designed to make electrical contact to and test all of the die on a wafer in a single touchdown. The FOX-1P pattern generator is designed to functionally test memory devices, such as flash and dynamic random-access memory (DRAMs). It is also optimized to test memory or logic ICs that incorporate design for testability (DFT), and built-in self-test (BIST). The FOX-XP full wafer contact test and burn-in system is designed for use with wafers that require test and burn-in times typically measured in hours. The FOX-XP system is focused on parallel testing and burning-in approximately 20 wafers at a time. The FOX-15 full wafer parallel test system is designed for full-wafer test and burn-in. One of the key components of the FOX systems is the WaferPak cartridge system. The WaferPak cartridge contains a full-wafer single-touchdown probe card. Another key component of FOX-XP and FOX-15 test cell is the WaferPak Aligner. The WaferPak Aligner performs automatic alignment of the customer's wafer to the WaferPak cartridge so that the wafer can be tested and burned-in by the FOX-XP and FOX-15 systems. Typically one WaferPak Aligner can support several FOX-XP or FOX-15 systems.

Systems for Packaged Parts

The Company's Test during burn-in (TDBI) systems consists of several subsystems, including pattern generation and test electronics, control software, network interface and environmental chamber. The test pattern generator allows duplication of the functional tests performed by a traditional tester. Pin electronics at each burn-in board (BIB) position are designed to provide signals to the ICs being tested and detect whether a device is failing the test. The Company's ABTS family of products is focused on addressing devices. The ABTS system can test and burn-in both high-power logic and low-power ICs. It can be configured to provide individual device temperature control for devices approximately 70 Watts or more and with approximately 320 input/output (I/O) channels. The Company's MAX system family monitors burn-in of memory and logic devices.

Test Fixtures

The Company sells, and licenses others to manufacture and sell, test fixtures for its systems. The test fixtures include BIBs for the ABTS parallel test and burn-in system and for the MAX monitored burn-in system. These test fixtures hold the devices undergoing test or burn-in and electrically connect the devices under test to the system electronics. The capacity of each test fixture depends on the type of device being tested or burned-in, ranging from several hundred in memory production to as few as approximately eight for high pin-count complex application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) or microprocessor devices. Test fixtures are sold both with Aehr Test systems and for use with the Company's installed base of systems. Test fixtures are also available from third-party suppliers. The Company's DiePak product line includes a family of reusable, temporary die carriers and associated sockets that enable the test and burn-in of bare die using the same test and burn-in systems used for packaged ICs. DiePak carriers offer solutions for providing Known-Good Die (KGD) for various types of ICs, including memory, microcontroller and microprocessor devices. The DiePak carrier consists of an interconnect substrate, which provides an electrical connection between the die pads and the socket contacts, and a mechanical support system. The substrate is customized for each IC product. The DiePak carrier comes in several different versions, designed to handle ICs ranging from 54 pin-count memory up to 320 pin-count microprocessors.

The Company competes with Advantest Corporation, Teradyne Inc., Micronics Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo Electron Limited, Dong-Il Corporation, Micro Control Company, Incal Technology, FormFactor, Inc., Japan Electronic Materials Corporation and Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.

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