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17 May 2019
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Natus Medical Incorporated, incorporated on July 20, 2000, is a provider of newborn care and neurology healthcare products and services used for the screening, diagnosis, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of common medical ailments in newborn care, hearing impairment, neurological dysfunction, epilepsy, sleep disorders, neuromuscular diseases and balance and mobility disorders. The Company's product offerings include computerized neurodiagnostic systems for audiology, neurology, polysomnography, and neonatology, as well as newborn care products, such as hearing screening systems, phototherapy devices for the treatment of newborn jaundice, head-cooling products for the treatment of brain injury in newborns, incubators to control the newborn's environment, and software systems for managing and tracking disorders and diseases for public health laboratories. The Company is organized into three strategic business units: Neurology, Newborn Care and Otometrics.


The Neurology business includes products and services for diagnostic electroencephalography (EEG) and long term monitoring (LTM), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) monitoring, electromyography (EMG), sleep analysis or polysomnography (PSG), intra-operative monitoring (IOM), and diagnostic and monitoring transcranial doppler (TCD) ultrasound technology. The Company's neurology business unit represents a line of products that are used by healthcare practitioners in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, including outpatient private practice facilities and inpatient hospital environments including diagnostic procedures and monitoring of patients during admissions, surgery, while under sedation, in post-operative care, and in intensive care units. The Company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of instruments and supplies used to help diagnose the presence of seizure disorders and epilepsy, look for causes of confusion, evaluate head injuries, tumors, infections, degenerative diseases and metabolic disturbances that affect the brain, and assist in surgical planning. These systems and instruments work by detecting, amplifying, and recording the brain's electrical impulses (EEGs), as well as other physiological signals needed to support clinical findings. Its Global Neuro-Diagnostic Services (GND) provides in-home ambulatory EEG monitoring. GND works with physicians and hospitals to provide superior care and testing services to its patients. The Company's EEG diagnostic monitoring product lines for neurology consist of signal amplifiers, workstations to capture and store synchronize video and EEG data, and software. These products are typically used in concert, as part of an EEG system by the neurology/neurophysiology department of a hospital or clinic to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological conditions.

The Company's EEG Systems include a range of products, from software licenses and ambulatory monitoring systems to laboratory systems with multiple capabilities for EEG, ICU monitoring, long-term monitoring of over 256 channels, and physician review stations with quantitative EEG analysis capabilities. Its spike and seizure detection algorithm detects, summarizes and reports EEG events. GridView is a tool that allows the clinician to correlate EEG patterns with electrode contacts on a three-dimensional (3D) view of the patient brain using magnetic resonance (MR) or computed tomography (CT) images, thus enabling the visualization and annotation of the brain surface and internal structures involved in the diagnosis of epilepsy. NicoletOne Trends provides a set of EEG analysis algorithms that are used to generate compressed trends of large amounts of data to assist in the clinical evaluation and data review process. Its signal amplifiers function as the interface between the patient and the computer. The headbox connects electrodes attached to the patient's head to its EEG monitoring systems. Its amplifier products are sold for a range of applications under various brand names, such as Xltek, Trex, EEG32U, EMU40EX, Brain Monitor, Quantum, Schwarzer EEG, Nicolet v32 and v44 models, C series and Nicolet Wireless 32- and 64-channel amplifiers. Nicolet Cortical Stimulator is a device that provides cortical stimulation to the brain during functional brain mapping either before or during surgery to help the surgeon protect the eloquent parts of the brain. Other services, such as Remote Monitoring, ICU monitoring, Virtual EMU monitoring and Detailed Video EEG Technical Descriptions with cloud-based test results are also provided by GND.

The Company's electrodiagnostic systems include EMG, nerve conduction (NCS), and often evoked potential functionality. EMG and NCS involve the measurement of electrical activity of muscles and nerves both at rest and during contraction. EMG is also used for clinical applications of botox to relieve muscle spasm and pain. The Dantec Keypoint EMG and EP family of products features amplifiers, stimulators, and strong signal quality. The Keypoint is used for advanced neurodiagnostic applications, such as single fiber EMG, visual and auditory evoked potentials, and in routine nerve conduction studies. The Keypoint system is also available in a portable laptop configuration. The Dantec Clavis device is a hand-held EMG and stimulation device that provides muscle and nerve localization information to assist with botox injections. Its Nicolet EDX family is a hardware platform of amplifiers, base control units, stimulators and hand-held probes that are sold with Nicolet brand software. They include EMG, NCS, EP's, IOM and advanced data analysis features. Its Nicolet VikingQuest is an EMG system for the mid-range market. Its Natus Neurology UltraPro is a low to mid-level product that offers data collection using the Dantec Keypoint amplifiers and the Natus EMG software. It also manufactures and markets a full line of EMG needles and other supplies used in the electrodiagnostic field.

The Company markets diagnostic PSG monitoring products that can be used individually or as part of a networked system for overnight sleep studies to assist in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. Additionally, the Company offers products that are specifically designed to be used in the patient's home. These products include software licenses, ambulatory monitoring systems, and laboratory systems that combine multiple capabilities, including EEG monitoring, physician review stations and quantitative PSG analysis capabilities. The Company's diagnostic PSG systems include Embla REMlogic, and Sandman; Xltek SleepWorks; Schwartzer Coherence, and Grass Twin. Its diagnostic PSG systems capture and store all data digitally. Its data acquisition systems are sold under brand names, such as Embla and MPR, Xltek Trex and SleepWorks, Schwarzer and Nicolet. Its amplifiers are used in both hospitals and stand-alone clinics. Its Embla Enterprise Practice Management Software provides a solution for institutions, as well as private labs and physicians for patient scheduling, inventory control, staff scheduling, data management, business reports and billing interfaces. PastuerMatic Sterile Dryers are used in hospital and clinic sleep laboratories to provide non-chemical sterilization of products used in sleep therapy. The Company also markets a line of supplies, disposable products and accessories for the PSG laboratory. The Protektor system is an IOM system that provides medical professionals with all information necessary to make critical surgical decisions. Nicolet Endeavor is a multi-modality IOM system that offers flexibility in work flow and test protocols. These combo systems are used in IOM applications. The Sonara is an embedded system that is a self-contained unit that includes central processing unit (CPU), data display screen and speakers. It uses software with a touch screen menu. Sonara Tek is a small portable device used with a laptop. Both models enable the uploading of images to the hospital information system.

Newborn Care

The newborn care business unit represents a line of products and services that are used by healthcare practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of common medical ailments in newborn care, as well as other products used in newborn through adult populations, including hearing diagnostics and balance and mobility systems. Its products include Newborn hearing screening, Newborn brain injury, thermoregulation, jaundice management, Diagnostic Hearing Assessment, Balance and Mobility, Pediatric Ocular Imaging, NicView and Nursery Essentials. Its newborn hearing screening techniques include auditory brainstem response (ABR) and otoacoustic emission (OAE). Its newborn hearing screening product lines consist of the ALGO, ABaer, AuDX, and Echo-Screen newborn hearing screeners. These hearing screening products utilize signal detection technologies to provide accurate and non-invasive hearing screening for newborns. ALGO 5 and 3i Newborn Hearing Screeners are AABR devices that deliver thousands of soft audible clicks to the newborn's ears through sound cables and disposable earphones connected to the instrument. ABaer Newborn Hearing Screener is a newborn hearing screening device, which offers a combination of AABR, OAE, and diagnostic ABR technologies in one system. Its Echo-Screen products provide a choice or combination of ABR and OAE technologies that can also be used for children through adults. The Echo-Screen III device is a compact, multi-modality handheld hearing screener that is tightly integrated with audible Lite Hearing Screening Data Management. Its AuDX product is a hand-held OAE screening device that can be used for newborn hearing screening, as well as patients of all ages, from children through adults. AuDX devices record and analyze OAEs generated by the cochlea through sound cables and disposable ear probes inserted into the patient's ear canal.

The Company's hearing screening supply products include ABR screening supply kits and OAE supply products. Each ABR screen is carried out with single-use earphones and electrodes, which are alcohol and latex-free. Each OAE screen is carried out with single-use ear tips that are supplied in a range of sizes and packaging options. Peloton Screening Services is a service offering that provides hearing screening services to hospital-based customers. The Olympic Brainz Monitor (OBM) is a Cerebral Function Monitor (CFM), which can be used in single-channel, two-channel or three-channel modes to continuously monitor and record brain activity. Its NatalCare incubators, including those used for transporting infants, provide high thermal performance with a double wall design, easy to use control panels and features, such as improved weighing functionality with automatic centering and an electronic tilting mechanism. Its jaundice management products include neoBLUE product family and Medix MediLED product family. Its neoBLUE product family consists of neoBLUE, neoBLUE Mini, neoBLUE Cozy, and neoBLUE blanket devices, which utilize light emitting diodes (LEDs) to generate a high-intensity, narrow spectrum of blue light that is effective in the treatment of newborn jaundice. A full-size, free-standing LED phototherapy system and a MediLED mini light to be used on top of an incubator or attached to the Medix radiant warmer. The Company designs and manufactures a range of products used to screen for or diagnose hearing loss, or to identify abnormalities affecting the peripheral and central auditory nervous systems in patients of all ages.

The Company's diagnostic hearing assessment products consist of the Navigator Pro system, the Scout Sport portable diagnostic device and the AuDX PRO. Navigator PRO for hearing assessment consists of a base system that is augmented by discrete software applications. The Navigator Pro System is a configurable device that utilizes evoked potentials, which are electrical signals recorded from the central nervous system that appear in response to repetitive stimuli, such as a clicking noise. The Navigator Pro System can be used for patients of all ages, from children to adults, including infants and geriatric patients. The device can be configured with additional software programs for various applications. These additional software programs include MASTER, AEP, ABaer and Scout. The Scout SPORT is an OAE system. The Scout Sport can be carried from one computer to another to test in different locations. For office-based environments, the Scout Sport can be used with a dedicated notebook computer to create an independent portable system. The AuDX PRO is a hand-held OAE screening device with a large color display that can be used for patients of all ages. The AuDX PRO records and analyzes OAEs generated by the cochlea through sound cables and disposable ear probes inserted into the patient's ear canal. Its principal balance and mobility products are sold under the Neurocom brand. Its balance and mobility products include EquiTest, Balance Master, VSR and VSR Sport, and inVision. Balance Master is a family of devices providing objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance. The VSR provides objective assessment of sensory and voluntary motor control of balance with visual biofeedback. The VSR Sport is designed specifically for the athletic market as part of a concussion management program. Its inVision device incorporates a set of diagnostic tests that quantify a patient's ability to maintain visual acuity and stable gaze while actively moving the head. The RetCam system is a mobile, hand-held wide-field ophthalmic digital imaging system for the hospital and clinic that enables the capture of brilliant, full color digital images and videos that can be used for immediate assessment of the pediatric retina and the adult or pediatric anterior chamber. There are three RetCam systems available: RetCam 3, which has an optional module for fluorescein angiography, RetCam Shuttle, which allows the RetCam to be transported between hospitals and clinics, and the RetCam Portable, which allows transport from one location to another.

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