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16 Mar 2018
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Core Laboratories N.V., incorporated on July 8, 1994, provides reservoir description, production enhancement and reservoir management services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates through three segments: Reservoir Description, Production Enhancement and Reservoir Management. The Reservoir Description segment encompasses the characterization of petroleum reservoir rock, fluid and gas samples. It provides analytical and field services to characterize properties of crude oil and petroleum products to the oil and gas industry. The Production Enhancement segment includes products and services relating to reservoir well completions, perforations, stimulations and production. It provides integrated diagnostic services to evaluate the effectiveness of well completions and to develop solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of enhanced oil recovery projects. The Reservoir Management segment combines and integrates information from reservoir description and production enhancement services to increase production and recovery of oil and gas from its clients' reservoirs.

Reservoir Description

The Reservoir Description segment provides services that characterize the porous reservoir rock, and reservoir fluids, including natural gas, crude oil and water. Services relating to these fluids include determining quality and measuring quantity of the fluids and their derived products. This includes determining the value of crude oil and natural gases by analyzing the individual components of complex hydrocarbons. The Company measures these hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions to determine the changes in their physical properties with changing pressure and temperature. The Company analyzes samples of reservoir rocks for the porosity, which determines reservoir storage capacity, and for the permeability, which defines the ability of the fluids to flow through the rock. These measurements are used to determine how much oil and gas are present in a reservoir and the rates at which the oil and gas can be produced.

The Company also uses its services and technologies to correlate the reservoir description data to wireline logs and seismic data by determining various acoustic velocities of reservoir rocks containing water, oil and natural gas. The Company offers Digital Rock Characteristics (DRC) services, which include Dual Energy CT, a non-destructive petro physical evaluation technique to provide early time insight of reservoir lithology and reservoir quality, and Micro CT, which is a resolution pore imaging service that provides early time quantification of both routine and special core analysis property. Its Iron Corehand is a unit designed to handle and move core in the field to eliminate the inherent risk of back injury and dropped core. The Company manufactures a range of ambient and reservoir condition rock and fluid analysis laboratory equipment for its own use. It also sells equipment of this type to universities, government institutes and client company research labs.

Production Enhancement

The Company provides diagnostic services and products to help optimize completion and reservoir operations, and field development strategies. The Company provides services that are used by others to develop and optimize hydraulic fracturing and field flood projects, and to evaluate the success of these projects. The Company's data on rock type and strength are critical for determining the proper design of the hydraulic fracturing job. In addition, the Company's testing indicates whether the fluid slurry is compatible with the reservoir rock so that damage does not occur that would restrict production. The Company also provides testing of various propping agents and software to help pick the proppant based on net present value calculations of client investments. The Company's ZERO WASH tracer technology is used to determine that the proppant material is properly placed in the fracture.

SPECTRACHEM is another technology offered by the Company for optimizing hydraulic fracture performance. SPECTRACHEM is used to aid operators in determining the efficiency of the fracture fluids used. SPECTRACHEM tracers allow operators to evaluate the quantity of fracture fluid that returns to the wellbore during the clean-up period after a hydraulic fracturing event. The Company also offers SPECTRACHEM Plus service. The Company's complete monitoring system, COMPLETION PROFILER, helps to determine flow rates from reservoir zones after they have been hydraulically fractured. Its FLOWPROFILER service is a hydrocarbon-based tracer technology, which employs a hydrocarbon-soluble tracer and water-soluble tracer introduced into specific and isolated stages through the stimulating proppant stream.

The Company conducts dynamic flow tests of the reservoir fluids through the reservoir rock, at actual reservoir pressure and temperature, to simulate the actual flooding of a producing zone. The Company uses technologies, such as its Saturation Monitoring by the Attenuation of X-rays (SMAX), to help design the enhanced recovery project. The Company's PACKSCAN technology is used as a tool to evaluate gravel pack effectiveness in an unconsolidated reservoir. Its perforating systems include High Efficiency Reservoir Optimization (HERO), SUPERHERO and SUPERHERO Plus. It also offers HERO PerFRAC charges.

Reservoir Management

The Company is involved in various large-scale reservoir management projects. The Company's industry consortium projects provide reservoir information to a range of clients. Its projects examine unconventional reservoirs, particularly in the United States and Canada. It has studies focused on tight sandstone reservoirs around the world and unconventional plays in the Middle East. The Company engineers and manufactures permanent monitoring equipment that is installed in the reservoir for its oil and gas company clients. The Company offers non-electronic ERD Pressure and Temperature sensors.

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