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Internet Gold-Golden Lines Ltd., incorporated on April 29, 1992, is a communications company. The Company's subsidiary is B Communications Ltd. (B Communications). The Company's principal asset is its controlling interest through B Communications in Bezeq-The Israel Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. (Bezeq), which is a telecommunications provider. The Company's segments include Domestic Fixed-Line Communications (Bezeq), Cellular Communications (Pelephone Communications Ltd.(Pelephone)), International Communications and Internet Services (Bezeq International Ltd. (Bezeq International)) and Multi-Channel Television (DBS Satellite Services (1998) Ltd. (DBS)). The Bezeq Group includes Bezeq, Pelephone, Bezeq International and DBS. The Company's other operations include call center services (Bezeq Online Ltd.), and online shopping and classified advertisements, (through Walla! Communications Ltd.).

The Bezeq Group operates telecommunications infrastructure in Israel, with a range of telecommunications services across all of its markets. The Bezeq Group provides a range of telecommunications services for its business and private customers, including domestic fixed-line telephony and fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services, cellular telephony services, Internet service provider (ISP), international telephony (ILD), data services, information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, multi-channel television broadcasts through satellite, customer call centers, maintenance and development of communications infrastructures, provision of communications services to other communications providers, and the supply and maintenance of equipment on customer premises, also known as network end point (NEP) services.

Domestic Fixed-Line Communications

The Company's Bezeq is the provider of fixed-line telephony and fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services in Israel. Its products and services include basic telephony services on domestic telephone lines and associated services, and fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services through its infrastructure network. Bezeq also offers transmission and data communication services, services to other communications operators and broadcasting services. Bezeq's next generation network (NGN) is the fixed-line communication network in Israel. The NGN uses Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2) technology and enables Bezeq to provide bandwidth of approximately 100 megabits per second (Mbps) (download) speed, as well as value-added services.

The Company's Domestic Fixed-Line Communications (Bezeq) includes Fixed-Line Telephony Services, Fixed-Line Broadband Internet Infrastructure Access Services, Transmission and Data Communication Services, and Other Services. Bezeq's fixed-line telephony services include basic telephony service on domestic telephone lines and associated value-added services, such as voice mail, caller identity (ID), call waiting, call forwarding and conference calls. Bezeq also offers its business customers national toll free numbers, which provide full or partial payment for customer calls by the business customer. Bezeq has approximately 2.18 million active fixed telephone lines in Israel. Bezeq offers a range of payment plans, ranging from a monthly subscription fee per fixed telephone line and charge per second of use, to various fixed-line telephony packages consisting of monthly amounts of minutes for a fixed monthly fee.

Bezeq provides fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services to Israeli market based on the number of subscribers. Bezeq offers its fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services in a range of packages, with prices varying according to bandwidth, and offers its subscribers packages with bandwidth speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps, depending on the distance of the subscriber's premises from the street cabinet and the technology available at the subscriber's premises. Bezeq offers add-on and value-added services to its fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services subscribers, including Bezeq's offering of a shared national free wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) network. Bezeq charges its subscribers a monthly fee for certain of these add-on services. In addition, Bezeq offers the Bhome service, which is a smart home service that allows Bezeq's Internet subscribers to be updated on events at home in real time through their smartphones, cameras and sensors installed at home.

Bezeq provides a range of data and transmission services, both to its business customers and to other telecommunication operators. Bezeq's data service offerings include point to point, or point to multi point, network topology for business to business and multi-branch business customers, as well as connectivity, Internet access and remote access services. Bezeq provides these services on various platforms, from its infrastructures, such as Internet protocol virtual private network (IPVPN) and metro Ethernet. Bezeq offers transmission services to a range of communications operators in Israel. Bezeq provides backhaul services to cellular telephony operators and transmission connectivity services to wireline operators, ILD providers, ISPs and to the Palestinian Authority operators. Bezeq offers similar services to business customers, with a range of bandwidths and interfaces.

The Bezeq's other services include miscellaneous services to communications operators, infrastructure services for HOT, broadcast services and contract work. Bezeq provides various services to other communications operators, including rental of space and provision of services in its rented properties, hosting of cellular sites, billing and collection for ILD operators and special services for ISPs. Bezeq installs and provides maintenance for the portion of HOT's cable network that runs through Bezeq's ducts and poles. Bezeq operates and maintains radio transmitters that are operated by radio stations and operators, including the Israel Broadcasting Corporation and the Israeli Defense Force Radio (Galei Zahal). Bezeq also operates digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmitters for the Second Authority. Bezeq performs setup and operational work on networks and sub-networks for various customers, such as the Israel Ministry of Defense, radio and television broadcasting companies, cellular and international communication operators, local authorities, municipalities and government agencies.

Cellular Communications

The Company's Pelephone is a cellular telephony services provider in Israel. Pelephone provides cellular telephony services, sells handsets and other end-user equipment, and provides repair services for handsets sold by Pelephone. Pelephone offers its subscribers voice, data and text messaging services and multimedia services through its nationwide 3.5G Universal Mobile Telecommunications System/High Speed Downlink Packet Access (UMTS/HSPA)+4G network. Pelephone's basic cellular telephony (voice) services include basic call services, call completion services and auxiliary services, such as call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, voice conference call and caller ID. Pelephone's customers can also access Internet services by using their handsets or through a cellular modem, or netstick, with download speeds of approximately 40 Mbps. Pelephone's value-added services include short text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS) and content services. Pelephone also offers its customers handset repair services for a monthly payment.

Pelephone offers a range of packages that combine the range of services it makes available to subscribers. Such packages are unlimited packages and it also offers usage fee packages. Pelephone also provides international roaming services, based on agreements it has with cellular telephony operators abroad. In addition, Pelephone provides inbound roaming services to the customers of foreign operators while they are in Israel. Pelephone offers various types of mobile phones, on-board telephones, hands-free devices and accessories that support its range of services. Pelephone also offers its customers other terminal equipment, such as tablets, laptops, modems, television sets and game consoles. Pelephone has approximately 2.65 million subscribers and over 925,000 pre-paid subscribers. Pelephone operates communications networks using the fourth generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE), UMTS/HSPA and Code division multiple access (CDMA) technologies.

International Communications and Internet Services

The Company's Bezeq International is the provider of ISP services in Israel and provider of ILD and international and domestic data transfer, and network services. Bezeq International provides communications solutions that include ISP and related value-added services, international and domestic telephony, private branch exchange (PBX) supply and support, ICT, cloud computing services, data communications and information security, Website server hosting and related managed services. Bezeq International also owns the JONAH high-speed submarine optical fiber communications cable system connecting Israel and Europe.

Bezeq International provides a range of ISP services to private and business customers, including terminal equipment and support, with a focus on broadband Internet access services ranging from 5 Mbps to 200 Mbps based on Bezeq's asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) infrastructure and local cable company infrastructure. Such access services are offered in various bandwidths and qualities of service based on available transmissions. Bezeq International also offers its customers a range of value-added services, including automatic online backup for personal computer files, antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-spam, parental control over Internet use and technical support. Such value-added services are provided as an integrated service package together with ISP services. In addition, Bezeq International offers packages of ISP services and fixed-line broadband Internet infrastructure access services of either Bezeq or HOT. In the ILD services market, Bezeq International offers international direct dialing services to business and private customers, toll-free number services for business customers overseas, international call routing and termination services (hubbing, the transfer of international calls between foreign communication providers around the world), telephone card services enabling prepaid and postpaid dialing from Israel, and domestic telephony services by means of Voice over Broadband (VoB) access through its subsidiary, B.I.P. Communications Solutions Limited Partnership.

Bezeq International specializes in providing information technology (IT) and communications solutions for local and international enterprises, offering a range of services and solutions that combine its communications network and the customer's organizational computer infrastructures. Bezeq International offers a range of ICT services, including IT systems, computerized infrastructures, information security, networking, and wireless and data back-up solutions, as well as maintenance for organizational computer networks, help desks and IT outsourcing services. Bezeq International also provides its business customers with international data networks, virtual private routed networks (VPRN) and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), networks, and high-speed ISP services through a range of broadband technologies, such as transmission, metro, ADSL, cables and Wi-Fi. Bezeq International offers its business customers services, which allow for the upgrade and adjustment of such services for customers' requirements, which is referred to by Bezeq International as IT as a Service (such as IT Infrastructure as a Service, cloud computing and data backup, virtual servers and cloud call centers).

Bezeq International includes data centers, which supply Website server hosting and co-location services, as well as disaster recovery solutions. Bezeq International operates data centers and utilizes its international points-of-presence and global data network for its international enterprise customers. Bezeq International specializes in installing, maintaining and supporting internal organizational telephony exchanges, IP exchanges and call centers for manufacturers. In traditional international communications, Bezeq International utilizes a Soft Switch switching system that provides Intelligent Network services for international calls enabling monitoring and customer use restrictions. Bezeq International also provides data services to ISPs and international communication providers through its submarine optical fiber communications cable system.

Multi-Channel Television

The Company's DBS offers nationwide coverage through its Direct to Home (DTH) technology and provides multi-channel pay television broadcasts through satellite, and provides multi-channel television services, with nationwide coverage and technologies, including personal video recorder (PVR), Video on demand (VOD) and High Definition (HD) television. DBS offers a range of content on approximately 150 different channels, including 20 HD channels. Such channels include MTV, National Geographic, Discovery and Eurosport. DBS also offers a range of local content, as well as VOD services, pay-per-view channels, radio channels, music channels and interactive services. DBS's package offerings include a basic package, which each subscriber is required to purchase, as well as additional channels chosen by the subscriber, whether as a package or as single and pay-per-view (PPV) channels. DBS offers sports channels package, an entertainment and series package, a movies channels package, a business and news channels package, a science and nature channels package, a youth and music channels package, a Russian language channels package and an Arabic language channels package, among others.

DBS offers its subscribers a range of value-added services, including PVR set-top boxes, which interface with DBS's electronic program guide and enable special services, such as ordering recordings in advance, recording series and pausing live broadcasts; HD broadcasts through DBS's set-top boxes; VOD services through the Internet; smartphone and tablet applications that offer viewing content, as well as the option to remotely record content on the subscriber's set-top box; yes streamer, which is a service that facilitates the viewing of video, pictures and music in various formats from the home computer on television (using DBS set-top boxes) in addition to access to certain Internet content, such as YouTube, Picasa, Flix and Flickr, and yes MultiRoom, which is a service that allows subscribers to watch content that was recorded on a capable set-top box from other capable set-top boxes they have in other rooms using the home network. These services are available to subscribers through DBS's set-top boxes, depending on the type of advanced service, which include yes Max (PVR capabilities and VOD capabilities), HDvod (HD and VOD capabilities) and yes MaxTotal (PVR, HD, VOD, streaming capabilities and yes MultiRoom in the same set-top box). DBS also provides yesGo, a television everywhere feature that enables subscribers to watch a significant part of its content (both linear channels and VOD) through personal computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets (available on iPhone operating system (iOS) and Android).

The Company competes with Golan Telecom Cellcom Fixed Line Communication, 013 Netvision Ltd., Xfone, Partner Fixed-Line Communication Solutions, Hot Mobile International Communications, 014 Bezeq International and 012 Smile.

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