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18 Jun 2019
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Neogen Corporation, incorporated on June 30, 1981, develops, manufactures and markets a range of products and services dedicated to food and animal safety. The Company operates through two segments: Food Safety and Animal Safety. The Food Safety segment produces and markets diagnostic test kits and related products used by food producers and processors to detect harmful natural toxins, foodborne bacteria, allergens and levels of general sanitation. The Animal Safety segment is primarily engaged in the production and marketing of products dedicated to animal health, including a range of consumable products marketed to veterinarians and animal health product distributors. The Animal Safety segment also provides genetic identification services. Additionally, the Animal Safety segment produces and markets rodenticides, disinfectants and insecticides to assist in the control of rodents and disease in and around agricultural, food production and other facilities. The Company is involved in environmental remediation and monitoring activities at its Randolph, Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

The Company offers AccuPoint Advanced adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hygiene monitoring system. The Company offers tests for bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria, Listeria monocytogenes, and E. coli O157:H7. The Company's range of food safety diagnostics includes the ANSR test system. The Company also offers Acumedia dehydrated culture media. The Company's products and services also include safety solutions for performance and companion animals. The Company manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines and diagnostic products for these animals. The Company's equine health line includes EqStim, an immunostimulant, which is aimed to boost the immune response of horses to help combat respiratory ailments. The Company's BotVax B offers protection against Clostridium botulinum type B in horses. The Company's subsidiary, Chem-Tech, Ltd., offers Prozap insecticide brand. The Company's Ideal Instruments subsidiary is engaged in the development of precision veterinary drug delivery instruments. The Company's Ideal Animal Health and NeogenVet brands offer a range of oral supplements for companion animals, equine, livestock and poultry.

The Company's animal care product category includes antibiotics, bottle stoppers, immunostimulants, injectables (emergency care, and vitamin and mineral), oral supplements and vaccine. The Company offers an oral antibiotic in the form of Uniprim powder for horses. The Company offers over two sizes of bottle stoppers and collars. It also offers natural and anti-pop sleeve stoppers for use on serum bottles. The Company offers ImmunoRegulin, an immunostimulant for adjunctive treatment of acute and chronically recurring canine pyoderma. The Company's injectable line includes products, such as Mannitol, for use as an osmotic diuretic in dogs, and Sodium Bicarbonate, for the treatment of metabolic acidosis that are often needed in emergency situations. The NeogenVet injectable line includes a range of vitamin and mineral injectables for deficiencies, including vitamin B, C and E. The Company also offers injectables for supplemental sources of nutritional phosphorus and thiamine. Its products include Neogen Vet Liver 7, Neogen Vet Natural E-300, Neogen Vet Natural E-300, Neogen Vet Natural E-AD and Neogen Vet Natural E-AD.

The Company's Animal Husbandry category includes a range of products for castration and docking, dehorning, handling and identification. The Company offers a range of castration tools, such as elastrators, bands, bloodless castrators and emasculators. The Company also offers scalpel blades and handles in its castration kits. In addition, its docking instruments include banding and mechanical formats, such as electric tail dockers and pig tail dockers. It offers a range of solutions for dehorning including Barnes-type dehorners, electric dehorners and dehorning paste. Its products include dehorning methods for cattle, sheep and goats. It offers Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste, Ideal Dehorner, Barnes-Type, Ideal Dehorner, Electric, and Ideal Dehorner, Sheep Goat Electric. Its handling products include Ideal bull leads, Ideal bull rings, Ideal cattle hobbles, Ideal cow lift, and Ideal hog catchers. It also offers TattleTale heat detector. It provides a range of artificial insemination and breeding supplies. It also offers tools for semen collection and fertility. The Ideal ElectroJac 6 is an electronic ejaculator.

The Company's calving and lambing products include calf pullers, bottles and nipples, weaning instruments and accessories. The Company offers a range of cleaners and disinfectants. The Company's product, BetaStar Plus, is used to detect beta-lactam antibiotic residues, including amoxicillin, ampicillin, cephirin, cloxacillin, penicillin, and ceftiofur in raw, commingled milk. The Company offers Penzyme, which is an enzymatic test that permits detection of beta lactam antibiotics in milk that are used in dairy cattle for the prevention and treatment of cattle diseases, in particular mastitis. It offers a range of drench guns and pour-on applicators. Its Prima drenchers and Prima Pour-On guns allow for adjustable dosage increments. The Company's range of medical and surgical supplies consists of veterinary surgical needles, sutures and scalpels.

The Company offers a range of horse shampoos, blankets, fly masks, horse brushes and combs. It offers Horse Sense line of products. Its hoof and leg care product range includes brand names, such as Easy Bloc, Demotec 95, SureBond, SyrFlex and B&B. It offers a range of hoof trimming tools, including trimming discs, cutters, nippers, testers, shears, hoof knives and cohesive wrap. Its Ideal Animal Health line of products include Rot-Not, a disinfectant for the prevention of hoof diseases in cattle, sheep and horses, including digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts), footrot and thrush. It offers a range of insect control solutions for residential and commercial settings, including solutions for horses and other livestock within barns, stables and kennels. It also offers a range of needles. It offers D3 detectable needles. It offers a range of disposable and reusable protective wear. It offers animal sport drug detection kits and racing reagents. It also offers bait stations and traps, and rodenticide bait. Its range of marking supplies includes marking sticks, tail paints, and a range of spray paints. It offers Prima Marc Paint, which when used with the Prima Marc Vaccinator, marks an animal with a paint stripe when injected. It offers a range of syringes, such as Prima Vaccinator, Prima injector, Prima BMV and Prima Marc. It also offers the pistol grip style Mega-Shot and Pro-Shot repeater syringes. It also offers products, such as teat dip cups, udder creams and balms, and udder infusion. Its wound care product line includes spray bandages, such as Ideal Animal Health AluShield, and topical wound treatments, such as NeogenVet Chondroprotec. Its wound care offering also includes poultice bandages, cohesive wraps, topical antiseptics, drawing salves and antibacterial wound dressings, such as FURA-ZONE.

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