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24 May 2019
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Penumbra, Inc., incorporated on June 21, 2004, is a healthcare company focused on interventional therapies. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices. The Company has a portfolio of products that addresses medical conditions and clinical needs across two markets, neuro and peripheral vascular. The conditions that its products address include ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke and various peripheral vascular conditions that can be treated through thrombectomy and embolization procedures. The Company focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing products for use by specialist physicians, including interventional neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, interventional neurologists, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons.

Neuro Products

The Company's neuro products include Neurovascular Access, Neuro Thrombectomy (Ischemic Stroke), Neurovascular Embolization (Brain Aneurysms) and Neurosurgical Tools (Hemorrhagic Stroke). Its Penumbra System brand of products offers a form of mechanical thrombectomy used by specialist physicians to revascularize blood vessels that are blocked by clots in the intracranial vasculature. These products are aspiration-based. The Penumbra System is a fully integrated mechanical thrombectomy system consisting of reperfusion catheters and separators, aspiration tubing and aspiration pump. Penumbra System Reperfusion Catheters are manufactured using a range of processes and materials science innovations. Its reperfusion catheters are used in revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Penumbra Separators enable a physician to remove an aspirated clot that has aggregated in the reperfusion catheter during the procedure. Penumbra Pump MAX is connected to its reperfusion catheters and provides the aspirating suction force. It developed its pump as a fully-integrated system specifically for mechanical thrombectomy by aspiration.

The Company's Penumbra Coil 400 is a family of detachable coils, developed to offer an alternative for the treatment of aneurysms and other complex lesions. Penumbra SMART COIL is a family of detachable coils, designed to treat patients with a range of neurovascular lesions, including the small and medium sized aneurysms that comprise the majority of the neurovascular coiling market. The Neuron family of guide catheters and the Penumbra distal delivery catheters enable many endovascular procedures in the tortuous anatomy of the neurovasculature. The Neuron delivery catheter is a variable stiffness guide catheter with increased support in the aortic arch, access and trackability into the intracranial vasculature. The design of Neuron enables physicians to position the catheter higher in the anatomy than conventional guide catheters. The BENCHMARK catheter features additional improvements in aortic arch support, use and trackability. The BENCHMARK also is available pre-packaged with a Select catheter to obviate the need for a neurovascular guide catheter exchange, which may reduce the number of devices needed per procedure and shorten procedure times. The Apollo System comprises two primary components: the Apollo wand that is inserted into the brain through an endoscope, which, in turn, is inserted through a small burr hole into the skull, and a reusable hardware device that delivers vacuum, irrigation and vibrational energy along the disposable wand to the site of the hemorrhage.

Peripheral Vascular Products

The Company's peripheral vascular products include Peripheral Vascular Embolization and Peripheral Thrombectomy. Its Ruby Coil System consists of detachable coils that are designed for peripheral applications. The Ruby coils have a controlled mechanical detachment mechanism that permits the physician to deliver and reposition the coil until the final satisfactory position is reached before detachment. The Ruby Coil System is used in a range of clinical applications, including active extravasations, or the escape of blood into surrounding tissue; selective embolization in patients with visceral aneurysms; exclusion of branches prior to chemoembolization and radioembolization; embolization in patients with gastrointestinal bleeding; embolization of branches prior to stent graft procedures; procedures after stent grafting in patients with persistent type II endoleaks and sac enlargement; treatment of patients with varicocele and pelvic congestion syndrome; high flow arterial venous malformations; post trans intrahepatic shunt placement; balloon retrograde transvenous obliteration, and exclusion of hepatic branches prior to liver resection. The Penumbra LANTERN Delivery Microcatheter is a microcatheter with a high-flow lumen that enables large-volume coil delivery. LANTERN features a radiopaque distal shaft for enhanced visibility and dual distal marker bands for precise coil deployment in tortuous anatomy. Penumbra Occlusion Device (POD) System addresses a specific need in the peripheral embolization market to occlude a target vessel. Its POD device utilizes technology that delivers both variable sizing and variable softness to provide a single device solution for rapid and precise embolization of the target vessel. The POD Packing Coil is a complementary device for use with its other peripheral embolization products.

The Company's Indigo System is designed for continuous aspiration mechanical thrombectomy (CAT), leveraging the success of the Penumbra System in ischemic stroke. It is a thrombectomy system that is suited to a range of clot morphology in both the peripheral arterial and venous systems. The principal components include Continuous Aspiration Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheters, which are trackable and suited for the peripheral anatomy; Indigo Separator, which is retracted through the CAT catheter at the proximal margin of the primary occlusion to facilitate clearing of the thrombus from the catheter tip, and Penumbra Pump MAX, which is connected to its CAT catheters and provides the aspirating suction force. It has developed its pump as a fully-integrated system specifically for mechanical thrombectomy by aspiration.

The Company competes with Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Stryker and Terumo.

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