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United-Guardian, Inc., incorporated on April 22, 1987, manufactures and markets cosmetic ingredients, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, medical lubricants, healthcare products and specialty industrial products. The Company also conducts research and product development, primarily related to the development of cosmetic and personal care products. The Company's research and development department also modifies, refines and expands the uses for existing products. Its products are separated into approximately four distinct product categories, such as personal care products (including cosmetic ingredients), pharmaceuticals, medical products and industrial products.

The Company's personal care products are marketed globally by approximately six marketing partners. The products are sold directly to marketing partners, which in turn resell those products to its customers for use in the manufacture or compounding of the customers' personal care and cosmetic products. Its non-pharmaceutical medical products (medical products) and the specialty industrial products are sold directly by the Company to the end users or to contract manufacturers utilized by the end users. Its pharmaceutical products are marketed by direct advertising, mailings, and trade exhibitions, and are sold to end users primarily through drug wholesalers, which purchase the Company's products outright for resale to their customers. The Company also sells pharmaceutical products directly to hospitals and pharmacies.

Personal Care

The Company's Personal Care products include LUBRAJEL, a line of water-based moisturizing and lubricating gel formulations that are used as ingredients in personal care (primarily cosmetic/skincare) products. In the personal care industry, they are used primarily as moisturizers and as bases for other cosmetic ingredients, and can be found as an ingredient in skin creams, moisturizers, makeup and body lotions. LUBRAJEL PF is a preservative-free form of LUBRAJEL. LUBRAJEL NATURAL is a natural form of LUBRAJEL for cosmetic use. They are based on natural polysaccharides, which contribute moisturization, emulsion stabilization and emolliency to personal care creams and lotions. KLENSOFT is a surfactant that can be used in shampoos, shower gels, makeup removers and other cosmetic formulations. LUBRAJEL II XD is a version of LUBRAJEL. UNITWIX is a cosmetic additive used as a thickener for oils and oil-based liquids. LUBRASIL is a special form of LUBRAJEL in which silicone oil is combined into a LUBRAJEL base by micro-emulsification, thereby maintaining clarity similar to the other LUBRAJEL products.

The Company's ORCHID COMPLEX is a base for skin creams, lotions, cleansers, and other cosmetics. ORCHID COMPLEX is an extract of fresh orchids modified by stabilizers and preservatives, and is characterized by its lubricity, spreadability, light feel and emolliency. Because of its alcohol solubility, it can also be used in fragrance products, such as perfumes and toiletries. Its emolliency makes it an additive to shampoos, bath products and facial cleansers. It is also an emollient for sunscreens, vitamin creams, toners and skin serums. LUBRASLIDE and a related product, B-122, are powdered lubricants used in the manufacture of cosmetics such as pressed powders, eyeliners, and rouges. They are used as binders for these products.


The Company's Medical products include LUBRAJEL RR and RC, which are gels used primarily as lubricants for urinary catheters. Both are special grades of LUBRAJEL that can withstand sterilization by gamma radiation, which is a method of terminally sterilizing medical and hospital products. LUBRAJEL MG is the original form of LUBRAJEL, developed as a medical lubricant. It is used by various medical device manufacturers for lubricating urinary catheters, pre-lubricated enema tips, and other medical devices. LUBRAJEL FLUID is a low viscosity form of LUBRAJEL that was developed to provide lubrication in water-soluble products. It is used, as a replacement for silicone oils in pre-lubricated condoms. LUBRAJEL BA is a LUBRAJEL formulation that was specifically developed for ashland specialty ingredients (ASI) and is intended for oral care uses. LUBRAJEL TF is a medical lubricant.


The Company's Pharmaceutical products include RENACIDIN, which is a prescription drug product that is used primarily to prevent and to dissolve calcifications in urethral catheters and the urinary bladder. RENACIDIN is marketed as a ready-to-use sterile solution. CLORPACTIN WCS-90 is an antimicrobial product used primarily in urology to treat infections in the urinary bladder. It is also used in surgery for treating a range of localized infections in the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity), as well as the eye, ear, nose and throat, and sinuses. The product is a powder that is mixed with water by the end user and used as a solution.


The Company's Industrial products include DESELEX Liquid, which is a sequestering and chelating agent that is used primarily as a replacement for phosphates in the manufacture of detergents. DESELEX Liquid also has use in personal care products as a chelating agent in shampoos and body washes. THOROCLENS is a chlorine-based cleanser manufactured and packaged by the Company for a company in New England.

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