Abdirahman Hussein

Outside Mogadishu, locusts turn farmland into desert

Nov 16 2020

MOGADISHU A rifle on his back, Mohamed Yasin tries in vain to chase away the swarm of yellow-coloured insects that have invaded his farm as his camels mill about nearby. | Video

Somalia sets up disaster warning centre to battle floods and locusts

Aug 04 2020

MOGADISHU At a government building in a former United Nations compound in Mogadishu, Khadar Sheikh Mohamed stares at a bank of giant screens displaying weather conditions across the country. | Video

COVID-induced khat shortage adds to health problems in Somalia

Jul 23 2020

MOGADISHU In the sweltering seaside port of Mogadishu, Sharif Ahmed tried to attack his relatives and neighbours, resulting in an emergency trip to a psychiatric hospital in handcuffs. | Video

Choking on diesel costs, Somali firm turns to solar for cheaper power

Jun 02 2020

MOGADISHU A new solar power plant in Mogadishu should quadruple the city's generation capacity and cut bills, the owners said, providing relief to businesses facing crippling costs from diesel-generated electricity. | Video

Locust invasion threatens Somali farmers with starvation

Dec 24 2019

DHUSAMAREB, Somalia Somali farmers on Saturday urged their government and the international community to help protect their crops from an invasion of locusts that is leaving many unable to feed their families. | Video

Somalia fights to standardize schools with first new curriculum since civil war began

Oct 01 2019

NAIROBI Every school day, Shuayb Muhidin travels Mogadishu's battle-scarred streets to get to Banadir Zone School. For years, the government has battled Islamist insurgents but now authorities are also turning to a new challenge: schools like Muhudin's.

Somalis escape to the beach and a new floating restaurant

May 22 2019

MOGADISHU Few restaurateurs consider the threat of piracy in their plans but Abdulkadir Mohamed did so for his La Lanterna floating restaurant now moored off Mogadishu's popular Lido beach. | Video

Somalis turn a profit by transforming their scrap plastic

Jan 22 2019

MOGADISHU As the rubbish built up on the rubble of Mogadishu's wrecked streets, Ahmed Abdullah saw a business opportunity. | Video

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