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Abdirahman Hussein

Somalis escape to the beach and a new floating restaurant

May 22 2019

MOGADISHU Few restaurateurs consider the threat of piracy in their plans but Abdulkadir Mohamed did so for his La Lanterna floating restaurant now moored off Mogadishu's popular Lido beach. | Video

Somalis turn a profit by transforming their scrap plastic

Jan 22 2019

MOGADISHU As the rubbish built up on the rubble of Mogadishu's wrecked streets, Ahmed Abdullah saw a business opportunity. | Video

Buy a blender online in Mogadishu? E-commerce comes to Somalia

Oct 18 2018

MOGADISHU Somalia might not seem a good bet for e-commerce. It's one of the world's poorest countries and has been at war for a quarter century. There's no functioning postal service and less than 2 percent of the population is connected to the internet. | Video

A year after Somalia's deadliest attack, fireball still torments survivors

Oct 16 2018

MOGADISHU A year after their father was among nearly 600 Somalis killed in a fireball, the 32 children of Abdullah Mohamud plunged into poverty by his death are among the thousands still suffering the aftershocks what may be history's deadliest suicide bombing. | Video

Golden Club score a breakthrough for gender equality in Somalia

Oct 03 2018

MOGADISHU On a tired artificial pitch near a Mogadishu street that has been hit with a series of explosions, Shaima Sallal Mohamed is tackling the stereotype that soccer in Somalia is only for men.

In Mogadishu, imported dairy cows jumpstart local milk industry

Aug 07 2018

MOGADISHU Four Somali brothers have imported dozens of Holstein Friesian cows, the world's top milk producing breed, hoping the high-risk strategy can build the war-torn country's dairy industry from scratch.

Turkey opens military base in Mogadishu to train Somali soldiers

Sep 30 2017

MOGADISHU/ANKARA Turkey opened its biggest overseas military base on Saturday in Somalia's capital, cementing its ties with the volatile but strategic Muslim nation and building a presence in East Africa.

Car bomb kills seven at police station in Somali capital: police

Jun 22 2017

MOGADISHU A car bomb targeting a police station killed at least seven people in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Thursday, police said, and al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab said it was behind the attack, the second this week.

At least 10 killed by car bomb in Mogadishu claimed by Somalia's al Shabaab

Jun 20 2017

NAIROBI At least 10 people were killed on Tuesday in a car bomb attack on a government building in the Somali capital of Mogadishu that was claimed by Islamist insurgents, a government official said.

Exclusive: Somali police get first drones to combat Islamist bombings

May 26 2017

MOGADISHU/NAIROBI A former U.S. intelligence specialist has donated surveillance drones to police in Somalia, aiming to help combat a jump in deadly bombings by al Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents.

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