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Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

Nightmares, guilt and awards: 5 years after the Chibok kidnap

Apr 11 2019

ABUJA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Five years after being kidnapped by Boko Haram, freed Chibok girls have nightmares about their 100 missing classmates and are burdened by guilt for surviving, while shielding parents of dead friends from the truth about their daughters' fate.

Tears flow as escaped Chibok captive brings news - good and bad

Oct 05 2018

ABUJA, Nigeria (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It was hearing about her sore eyes that convinced Lawal Zannah his daughter Aisha was still alive, the first sliver of good news to emerge after months of nervy silence enveloped Nigeria's kidnapped Chibok girls.

Nigerian crime fighter enters spirit world to catch sex traffickers

Sep 20 2018

BENIN CITY, Nigeria (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Frustrated by a lack of convictions, Nigeria's anti-trafficking boss risked a radical, new tactic - she set aside forensics, visited a spiritual leader and took on the pervasive black magic she felt was trapping thousands of women in sex slavery.

Nigeria's trafficking curse: the battle to dispel the black magic behind sex slavery

Sep 18 2018

BENIN CITY, Nigeria (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Florence broke out in lesions on her face, she was convinced it was because she had crossed a black magic curse cast on her as she left Nigeria to work in Russia's sex trade.

UK's May pledges to help Nigeria get tougher on human trafficking

Aug 29 2018

ABUJA/LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed on Wednesday to help Nigeria clamp down on human trafficking to Europe and support victims of modern slavery who return to the West African nation.

Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram begs for freedom

Aug 28 2018

ABUJA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The father of a Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram called on Tuesday for the government to do more to secure her freedom after audio of her begging for help was released.

Traffickers plot to sell Nigerians for sex at Russia's World Cup

May 31 2018

ABUJA/LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Human traffickers are planning to exploit relaxed Russian visa controls for next month's World Cup to sell Nigerian women into sex work, state officials and anti-slavery activists said.

Rebels with a cause - the women bikers saving lives in Nigeria

May 16 2018

ABUJA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Whenever the all-female Nigerian biker group D'Angels hit the streets, people would stare in amazement at the sight of women on motorbikes. So they made up their minds to use the attention for a good cause.

Unwelcome reunion: helped as children, Burundian adults are now refugees abroad

Apr 17 2018

KIREHE, Rwanda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - During Burundi's brutal 12-year civil war, Maggy Barankitse set out to rescue as many children as she could. Through her efforts hundreds survived, and many returned to their communities after the war ended in 2005.

Dancing for dreams, the Nigerian street kids capturing the stars

Apr 12 2018

LAGOS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nigerian choreographer Seyi Oluyole found dance rehearsals were a great way to distract the street children in her care from the lack of lunch but star power from Rihanna and supermodel Naomi Campbell has changed their fortunes in the past month.

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