Adele M. Stan


Sep 18 2017

[13日 ロイター] - バージニア州シャーロッツビルなど全米各地のリベラル寄りの町で最近開かれた人種差別的な抗議集会にショックを受けた多くの米国人は、「白人国家主義」の政治的台頭を、不快なサプライズだと感じている。

Commentary: How Trump mainstreamed hate

Sep 12 2017

Shocked by the violence recently perpetrated by racist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia and other liberal-leaning towns across the United States, many Americans see the rise of “white nationalism” on the political landscape as a sudden, nasty surprise. In truth, it’s been around a long time, coalescing after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s as an alliance of various hate movements that seek, often through violence, to avoid racial mixing, and preserve what they view to be the true culture of the United States: white and European, exclusive of Jews and Muslims.

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