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Liberals win most seats in Morocco's parliamentary election, routing Islamists

Sep 09 2021

RABAT Morocco's liberal RNI party has won most seats in the country's parliamentary elections followed by another liberal party, PAM, while co-ruling moderate PJD Islamists suffered a crushing defeat, preliminary results showed on Thursday.

Half of Morocco's electorate voted in parliamentary elections

Sep 08 2021

RABAT (Reuters) -Morocco said turnout in Wednesday’s parliamentary election was just over 50%, higher than in 2016 after authorities combined it with local elections that traditionally draw better participation.

Looming Moroccan election reveals parliament's dimming sway

Sep 04 2021

RABAT When Moroccans elect a new parliament next week, it is likely to be a body with even less influence than its recent predecessors thanks to a new voting law and gradual moves by the king to reassert his dominant role.

Israel, Morocco to upgrade relations, open embassies, Israeli FM says

Aug 12 2021

RABAT (Reuters) -Israel and Morocco plan to upgrade their restored diplomatic relations and open embassies within two months, Israel's foreign minister said during a visit to the North African kingdom on Thursday.

Morocco hails Israel ties during envoy's visit, urges peace with Palestinians

Aug 11 2021

RABAT (Reuters) -Morocco's foreign minister told his visiting Israeli counterpart on Wednesday that their countries' newly upgraded ties would bring economic benefits, and urged him to work towards a two-state solution in Israel's long-running conflict with the Palestinians.

Trial of Moroccan journalists raises fears of repression

Jun 22 2021

CASABLANCA New hearings took place on Tuesday in the trials of two dissident journalists in Morocco accused of sexual assault, whose detention rights groups see as evidence of increasing state repression and a push to silence dissent.

Migrants push for Spain's Ceuta again after border security tightened

May 20 2021

CEUTA, Spain/FNIDEQ, Morocco (Reuters) -Hundreds of migrants tried to force their way past tightened security into Ceuta on Wednesday, as Spain pressed on with the expulsion of thousands who had swum or climbed into its North African enclave over the past two days. | Video

Ceuta dream lures migrants to Moroccan border town where shops stand empty

May 20 2021

FNIDEQ, Morocco As migrants crowd along a coast road in Fnideq intent on crossing into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, the Moroccan town's Masira Khadra market stands largely empty - a visual contrast summing up a state of crisis. | Video

Analysis: Morocco's tougher stance emboldened by U.S. Sahara move

May 19 2021

RABAT The United States' recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara last year has emboldened Rabat to take a harder line with European states on the issue - an approach manifested in the migrant crisis with Spain this week.

Morocco's bill to legalise cannabis divides growers

Mar 18 2021

KETAMA, Morocco In Morocco's impoverished Rif mountains, cannabis grower Mohamed El Mourabit hopes a plan to legalise the drug for some uses will raze what he calls a "wall of fear" surrounding farmers caught between poverty, traffickers and the law.

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