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Jeff Mason is a White House Correspondent for Reuters and the 2016-2017 president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. He was the lead Reuters correspondent for President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign and interviewed the president at the White House in 2015. Jeff has been based in Washington since 2008, when he covered the historic race between Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Jeff started his career in Frankfurt, Germany, where he covered the airline industry before moving to Brussels, Belgium, where he covered the European Union. He is a Colorado native, proud graduate of Northwestern University and former Fulbright scholar.

Twitter handle: @jeffmason1

May 03 2018

Suicide attackers storm HQ of Libya's election commission, 12 dead

TRIPOLI Suicide bombers stormed the head offices of Libya's electoral commission in Tripoli on Wednesday, killing at least 12 people and setting fire to the building in an attack claimed by the Islamic State militant group. | Video

Apr 01 2018

Libyan returnees stuck in desert say no going back

GARART AL-GATEF, Libya The wind whips up sand storms in Garart al-Gatef. Snakes and scorpions lurk amongst the desert scrub.

Mar 27 2018

Libyan reconciliation the only option, says isolated town's mayor

ZINTAN, Libya Communities drawn into conflict after Libya's 2011 uprising have no choice but to reconcile if the country is to recover, said the mayor of a town that was left isolated following fighting four years ago.

Mar 15 2018

Libya seizes tanker suspected of fuel smuggling, arrests crew-spokesman

TRIPOLI, March 15 Libya's naval forces seized a Togo-flagged fuel tanker and arrested its Greek crew on suspicion they planned to smuggle oil out of the North African country, a spokesman for the forces said on Thursday.

Mar 04 2018

Libyan El Sharara oilfield in shutdown from pollution protest

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya Libya's giant El Sharara oilfield was shut down on Sunday after a local landowner closed a valve in protest against pollution near a pipeline crossing his land.

Feb 06 2018

Men with guns still rule in Libya as return to 'ghost town' blocked

TRIPOLI More than six years after they were forced to leave their homes in the civil war that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, tens of thousands of residents of the Libyan ghost city of Tawergha were finally meant to start going home last week. It never happened.

Feb 02 2018

Migrant boat capsizes off Libya, 90 feared dead, mostly Pakistanis

GENEVA/TRIPOLI An estimated 90 migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of Libya after a smuggler's boat capsized early on Friday, leaving three known survivors and 10 bodies washed up on shore, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said.

Jan 15 2018

At least 20 dead as clashes shut airport in Libyan capital

TRIPOLI/TUNIS Fierce clashes broke out in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday, killing at least 20 people, shutting the airport, and damaging planes during what the government said was a failed attempt to spring militants from a nearby prison.

Jan 11 2018

U.N. endorses elections for Libya by end of 2018

TRIPOLI The United Nations is committed to helping Libya organize elections by the end of this year, encouraged by the rate at which Libyans have been registering to vote, a top U.N. official said on Wednesday.

Dec 27 2017

Libya needs a week to repair blown-up oil pipeline: NOC

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya A Libyan crude oil pipeline blown up on Tuesday will take about a week to repair, the head of state oil firm NOC told Reuters on Wednesday.


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