Ahmed Jadallah

Iraq's young protesters: 'We're not leaving, even if this lasts 40 years'

Nov 14 2019

BAGHDAD Wearing surgical masks, motorcycle helmets and clothes stained with blood and grime, they populate the protest barricades of Baghdad, chanting for the government to fall.

British academic arrives in London from UAE after pardon for spy conviction

Nov 29 2018

DUBAI A flight carrying British academic Matthew Hedges landed at London Heathrow airport on Tuesday morning, a day after he was pardoned in the United Arab Emirates from a life sentence for spying, a Reuters photographer said. | Video

British academic back home after UAE spy case pardon

Nov 27 2018

LONDON British academic Matthew Hedges arrived back in the UK on Tuesday and thanked his "brave and strong" wife for helping secure his release, nearly seven months after he was detained in the United Arab Emirates on espionage charges. | Video

British academic on way home from UAE after pardon for spying conviction

Nov 26 2018

DUBAI, Nov 27 A British academic was on his way home from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday after a pardon saved him from a life sentence for spying, according to a Reuters photographer.

Jews and Muslims celebrate unusual coexistence in Tunisia's Djerba

May 14 2018

DJERBA, Tunisia Cyrine Ben Said, a Tunisian Muslim, carried candles and wrote her hopes for the future on an egg in religious ceremony at a synagogue on the southern island of Djerba.

Daily life in Shi’ite Baghdad

Jun 09 2014

With the government battling Sunni rebels, I wanted to take a step back and show the human face of the divided communities. So in Baghdad I went to photograph daily life inside some of its poor, Shi’ite neighbourhoods.

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