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RPT-INSIGHT-The transported: Kashmiri prisoners sent far from home

Oct 08 2019

* Authorities moving hundreds of Kashmiri prisoners across India

The transported: Kashmiri prisoners sent far from home

Oct 07 2019

SRINAGAR, India One is a 19-year-old construction worker charged with aiding militants against Indian troops, the other is one of Kashmir's most prominent lawyers, accused of being "an incorrigible secessionist".

Restore normal life to Kashmir, India's top court tells government

Sep 16 2019

NEW DELHI India's top court said on Monday the federal government should restore normal life in Kashmir as soon as possible, as a partial shutdown of the disputed region entered its 42nd day.

New Delhi to slash use of cars in November to cut pollution: chief minister

Sep 13 2019

NEW DELHI India's capital New Delhi will enforce strict restrictions on use of private cars from Nov. 4-15 to curb pollution, its chief minister said on Friday, in an effort to help improve air quality that tends to deteriorate sharply in winter months.

Thousands detained in Indian Kashmir crackdown, official data reveals

Sep 12 2019

SRINAGAR/NEW DELHI Authorities in Indian Kashmir have arrested nearly 4,000 people since the scrapping of its special status last month, government data shows, the most clear evidence yet of the scale of one of the disputed region's biggest crackdowns.

India's top ports on alert for attacks from 'Pakistan-trained commandos'

Aug 29 2019

NEW DELHI India's two main ports said on Thursday they had been warned by the coastguard and intelligence officials that Pakistan-trained commandos have entered Indian waters to carry out underwater attacks on port facilities.

India's Modi trumpets Kashmir move, but local support is scarce

Aug 15 2019

SRINAGAR, India/ISLAMABAD Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi trumpeted his abolition of Kashmir's special status in an Independence Day speech on Thursday, but there was little sign that he had won over people in the region's biggest city - and a deadly border clash with Pakistan added to tensions. | Video

Pakistan observes 'Black Day' over Kashmir with march by militant group

Aug 15 2019

MUZAFFARABAD/ISLAMABAD Pakistan observed a 'Black Day' on Thursday to coincide with India's Independence Day celebrations, as one of the main militant groups fighting Indian rule in Kashmir led a protest through Pakistan's part of the disputed region.

Pakistan PM accuses India of planning military action in Kashmir

Aug 14 2019

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan used an address celebrating Independence Day on Wednesday to accuse India of planning military action in the disputed Kashmir region that has long been a flashpoint between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

India needs time to restore order in Kashmir: top court judge

Aug 13 2019

NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD Indian authorities need more time to restore order in Kashmir, a Supreme Court justice said on Tuesday as a security clampdown entered a ninth day since New Delhi revoked the region's special status, triggering protests.

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