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Spain international tourism breaks records for fifth straight year

Jan 11 2018

MADRID The number of international tourists visiting Spain broke records for a fifth straight year in 2017, despite Islamist militant attacks in Catalonia and political uncertainty over its independence movement, government statistics showed.

Retiro park: Madrid's green lung

Dec 20 2017

MADRID On a cold winter morning, Madrid's Retiro park is filled with joggers and dog walkers enjoying the fresh air and manicured flowerbeds of one of the city's most visited attractions.

Gespanntes Warten auf Entscheidung in Katalonien

Oct 10 2017

Barcelona/Madrid Countdown in Katalonien: In Europa steigt wegen der möglichen Unabhängigkeitserklärung der spanischen Provinz die Nervosität.

Verfassungsrichter verbieten Sitzung des katalanischen Parlaments

Oct 05 2017

Barcelona/Madrid In Spanien versucht das Verfassungsgericht, die geplante Unabhängigkeitserklärung Kataloniens auszubremsen.

Woman in Dali paternity suit says just seeking the truth

Jul 14 2017

MADRID A woman whose paternity suit has prompted a Spanish court to order the exhumation of surrealist artist Salvador Dali's body said she was simply seeking the truth about her family.

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Hong Kong students' sewer escape thwarted

Some anti-government protesters trapped inside a Hong Kong university on Wednesday tried to flee through the sewers, where one student said she saw snakes, but firemen prevented further escape bids by blocking a manhole into the system.