Alessandra Prentice

Stretched Senegalese hospitals overwhelmed by third COVID wave

Jul 29 2021

DAKAR Idrissa Lo rushed back to Senegal from the United States when family members started falling sick with COVID-19 and dying. | Video

Shrinking sea meadows store more carbon than forests. Scientists are racing to track what’s left

Apr 08 2021

SAYA DE MALHA BANK, Indian Ocean Hundreds of miles from the nearest shore, ribbon-like fronds flutter in the ocean currents sweeping across an underwater mountain plateau the size of Switzerland. | Video

Whale sightings aid quest to protect wildlife in Indian Ocean oasis

Mar 23 2021

MASCARENE PLATEAU, Indian Ocean Over two weeks at sea, the scientists spotted pilot whales and spinner dolphins, orcas and more. But not a single sperm whale had crested the choppy waters of the western Indian Ocean. | Video

Exclusive-Global Fund says HIV group it funded in Ghana committed sexual abuse

Mar 20 2021

GENEVA Executives of a Ghanaian organisation supporting people living with HIV and AIDS demanded sex acts and money in exchange for access to benefits, the Global Fund said late on Friday in an investigation into the group it funded.

Rains give West African herders brief respite amid growing heat

Dec 21 2020

LINGUERE, Senegal Fari Sow bent over to pick a green shoot from what is normally parched earth at this time of year, tearing its leaves to show their freshness. | Video

Unusually heavy rains in Senegal expose big gap in $1.4 billion flood plan

Sep 24 2020

DAKAR More than two weeks after heavy rains hit Senegal, thigh-high stagnant water still fills streets in Dakar's suburbs, as angry residents ask what happened to a $1.4 billion government plan to protect citizens from rising flood risk. | Video

Coronavirus slams West Africa's cashew market, some crops left to rot

Jun 12 2020

ABIDJAN/DAKAR Olivier Gore-Bi took out loans to ready his 12-acre cashew farm in Ivory Coast for harvest. He is now leaving some of his crop to rot after the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a fall in prices in the world's top cashew-farming region to unprofitable lows.

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