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Cities plant more trees to curb wild weather, boost healthy living

Nov 30 2018

MANTUA, Italy (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From Athens to Melbourne and Seoul to New York, big cities are increasingly turning to trees to help protect them from heatwaves and floods, and to boost people's physical and mental health, urban officials and environmental experts say.

Beauty or safety? Europe seeks to protect heritage from disasters

Nov 26 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From the floating city of Venice to prehistoric rock carvings in Spain, Europe's cultural heritage is vulnerable to floods, quakes and wildfires, and requires better protection to preserve it for future generations, officials and researchers said.

Plan for Rome seeks to avert dangerous tensions, reap benefits of migrants

Jun 19 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rome must help refugees integrate into life in Italy's capital city, to cut the risk of tensions between communities that could escalate to dangerous levels – and to benefit from the fresh life they bring to an aging population, officials said.

Tailor climate insurance to needs of poorest: experts

May 03 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Billions of dollars are being poured into insurance schemes to help farmers recover from worsening impacts of climate change, but as yet there is little evidence to show that such programs work for the poorest, experts say.

European efforts to curb plastic litter in oceans are working - researchers

Apr 05 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The number of plastic bags found in the seas around Britain has significantly dropped since 2010 as European governments crack down on their use, researchers said on Thursday.

New coal plants falling but not enough to meet Paris target: study

Mar 21 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The number of coal-fired power plants built worldwide fell steeply over the past two years, but emissions are too high to keep global warming within relatively safe levels, campaigners said on Thursday.

Climate migration to surge by 2050 unless emissions are curbed - World Bank

Mar 19 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 140 million people in Africa, Latin America and South Asia could move to another part of their country by 2050 to escape the worsening impacts of climate change - unless urgent action is taken to curb global warming and help people adapt, the World Bank said Monday.

Eating less meat? Meatless butchers to mushroom burgers can help

Mar 04 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From juicy chicken chunks and sausage rolls to bacon and tuna, Dutch butcher Jaap Korteweg offers it all. But there's a twist: None of the goods on display at his shop in The Hague are made from meat.

European cities need to adapt now to future drought, floods - researchers

Feb 21 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - European cities in the second half of the century may face significantly worse heatwaves, deepening drought, and more river floods if global temperatures continue to rise - something they need to begin preparing for now, researchers said on Wednesday.

At Davos, bosses paint climate change as an opportunity

Jan 25 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Businesses should seize a $6 trillion opportunity to invest in tackling climate change over the next two decades, the head of an Indian multinational said at Davos on Thursday. | Video

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