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Alexandre Meneghini

Caravan migrants stalled at Texas border eye other routes

Feb 06 2019

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico Some Central American migrants seeking entry into the United States but stalled near a Texas crossing said on Wednesday they are considering moving to another part of the border, where they may have a better chance of lodging a speedy asylum claim.

In the Sierra Maestra, Castro brothers' revolution lives on

Apr 17 2018

SANTO DOMINGO, Cuba In the rugged Sierra Maestra mountains near where Fidel Castro made his hideout as he led a guerrilla uprising in the late 1950s, Cubans say they are still grateful for the land reforms and modern amenities his leftist revolution brought.

Journey to Antarctica: seals, penguins and glacial beauty

Mar 20 2018

ABOARD THE ARCTIC SUNRISE The trip began in Punta Arenas, the capital of Magallanes region, Chile. We had spent three days aboard the Arctic Sunrise, a Greenpeace ship docked in one of the city’s harbors, to test our equipment and conduct security drills. I was eager to get to Antarctica.

Enthused by Wi-Fi hotspots, Cubans clamor for more Internet access

Oct 26 2017

HAVANA At dusk, when the worst of the Caribbean heat has subsided, parks around Cuba fill with families video chatting with loved ones abroad or scrolling through social media, their animated faces lit by telephone and tablet screens. | Video

Cockfighting in Cuba: clandestine venues, state arenas

Apr 20 2017

CIEGO DE AVILA Cuban farmer Pascual Ferrel says his favorite fighting cock's prowess was "off the charts," so after it died of illness he had the black and red rooster preserved and displays it on his mantelpiece beside a television.

Baby crocodiles, offspring of Castro gift, reach Cuban swamp

Jun 05 2015

ZAPATA SWAMP NATIONAL PARK, Cuba Ten baby crocodiles transferred from Sweden have reached a Cuban hatchery to strengthen the species and extend the blood lines of a pair of Cuban crocodiles former President Fidel Castro gave to a Soviet cosmonaut in the 1970s.

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