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CORRECTED-100 hours in the dark: How an election internet blackout hit poor Ugandans

Jan 21 2021

NAIROBI/KAMPALA, Jan 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Uganda ordered an internet shutdown on the eve of the presidential election, groundnut seller Susan Tafumba's trade collapsed.

LGBT+ Ugandans find camaraderie, hope and despair on election day

Jan 14 2021

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Despite a presidential campaign marked by homophobic rhetoric, LGBT+ Ugandans turned out to vote on Thursday, with many hoping for change and finding unexpected camaraderie.

Outspoken Ugandan feminist puts jail behind her on the campaign trail

Dec 10 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A year ago, feminist academic Stella Nyanzi was serving 18 months in jail for cyber-harassment over a provocative Facebook post targeting Uganda's veteran president, Yoweri Museveni.

Ugandan officials summoned before court over torture of LGBT+ youth

Aug 21 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A town mayor and senior prison official in Uganda have been summoned to appear before a criminal court over allegations of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment against a group of LGBT+ youth, the victims' lawyers said on Friday.

Court orders release of jailed LGBT+ Ugandans after coronavirus charges dropped

May 18 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Ugandan court on Monday ordered the release of 19 LGBT+ people jailed for almost 50 days for risking spreading the new coronavirus after public prosecutors withdrew the charges.

Court allows lawyers to see LGBT+ Ugandans jailed over coronavirus

May 13 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Ugandan court on Wednesday granted lawyers access to 19 LGBT+ people detained for more than six weeks with no legal help after they were charged with risking the spread of the coronavirus.

RPT-FEATURE -Arrests, evictions and scapegoating: Coronavirus takes a toll on LGBT+ Africans

Apr 16 2020

NAIROBI/KAMPALA, April 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - J ust before breakfast on a Sunday morning, Ugandan security forces stormed an LGBT+ shelter outside the capital Kampala, accusing more than 20 gay, bisexual and transgender people of spreading the new coronavirus.

Ugandan rights groups demand release of LGBT+ people jailed over coronavirus

Apr 01 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Human rights groups in Uganda on Wednesday demanded the release of 20 jailed LGBT+ people charged with risking the spread of coronavirus, saying that some were HIV-positive and needed their medication, while others might contract the virus in prison.

Uganda charges 20 LGBT+ people with risking spread of coronavirus

Mar 31 2020

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ugandan police charged 20 LGBT+ people with disobeying rules on social distancing and risking the spread of coronavirus on Tuesday, drawing criticism from campaigners who said they were using the restrictions to target sexual minorities.

Women protest against sexual violence in Malawi

Mar 02 2020

LILONGWE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of women took to the streets of Malawi's capital on Monday to protest against sexual violence after a series of alleged police assaults on women last year.

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