Amantha Perera

Rising temperatures to carry big price tag in steamy Sri Lanka

Jul 25 2018

COLOMBO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dinesh de Alwis has lived all his life in Ratmalana, a suburb of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. When he was young, he remembers, he would rush outside every day at 4 p.m., to play with friends after school.

Colombo's wetlands float to top of flood prevention plan

May 22 2018

BADDAGANA, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On the surface, Sri Lanka's capital Colombo looks like any other fast-growing South Asian city, with buildings stretching as far as the eye can see and skyscrapers rearing up along its coast.

With pumps and canals, Sri Lanka’s capital moves to cut worsening flood risk

Mar 01 2018

COLOMBO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When heavy rain falls in the hills and plains west of Colombo – and in the city itself at the same time - Sri Lanka’s capital drowns.

Will Sri Lanka turn to SMS storm warnings after 'night from hell'?

Dec 13 2017

COLOMBO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the early evening of Nov. 29, Ajith Dias, an office worker in Colombo, started receiving warnings on Facebook of a brewing storm nearing Sri Lanka's southern coast.

FEATURE-Climate change-fueled drought drives Sri Lanka’s farmers to cities

Nov 01 2017

COLOMBO, Nov 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Siri Hettige, a sociology professor at Colombo University, conducts surveys of young people across Sri Lanka, he never fails to ask one key question: Does anybody want to become a farmer?

Drought-hit and hungry Sri Lankans struggle for a harvest – or work

Oct 04 2017

PERIYAKULAM, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At 52 years old, with two grown children, Newton Gunathileka thought he should be working less by this point. Instead he has never worked so hard – and earned so little.

As water vanishes in Sri Lanka, baths - and snakes - present new risks

Sep 14 2017

KIRIYANKALE, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For four months, Achini Dinesha’s life has revolved around water – or, more precisely, the lack of it.

As rural Sri Lanka dries out, young farmers look for new job options

Aug 16 2017

ADIGAMA, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Scorched by a 10-month drought that has killed crops and reduced residents to buying trucked-in water, Adigama’s young people are voting with their feet.

Sri Lanka's war widows trafficked as slaves to Gulf

Aug 08 2017

JAFFNA, Sri Lanka (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Nathkulasinham Nesemalhar took a flight from Colombo to Muscat in March she believed the boarding pass she clutched in her hand was her golden ticket to a better life after decades of war where she lost everything, including her husband.

As dengue cases soar, Sri Lanka battles a deadly foe: mosquitoes

Jul 28 2017

COLOMBO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Eight years after the end of a bloody civil conflict, Sri Lanka is on a war footing once again. This time all available resources have been pitched against a pesky and increasingly deadly foe: the dengue-carrying mosquito.

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