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Anamesere Igboeroteonwu

Nigerian maritime agency identifies nationalities of 12 abducted ship crew

Sep 23 2018

ONITSHA, Nigeria Twelve crew members of a Swiss merchant vessel kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Nigeria are from the Philippines, Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Bosnia, the West African nation's maritime agency said on Sunday.

Nigeria immigration service launches trafficking probe after staff arrests

Mar 09 2018

ONITSHA, Nigeria Nigeria's immigration service has launched an investigation after two of its staff members were arrested on suspicion of trying to traffic girls out of the country, it said on Friday.

At least 43,000 Cameroonian refugees flee to Nigeria: local aid officials

Jan 25 2018

ONITSHA, Nigeria More than 43,000 Cameroonians have fled as refugees to Nigeria to escape a crackdown by the government on Anglophone separatists, local aid officials said on Thursday.

Four Britons kidnapped in Nigeria's Delta state: police

Oct 18 2017

YENAGOA, Nigeria Four Britons have been kidnapped in Nigeria's southern Delta state, a police official said on Wednesday.

Biafra separatists, Nigerian army disagree over siege allegations

Sep 12 2017

ONITSHA, Nigeria A group campaigning for the secession of a part of southeastern Nigeria, formerly known as Biafra, on Tuesday accused the army of laying siege to their leader's home, a charge the armed forces denied.

Nigerian student protesters demand South Africans leave the country

Feb 23 2017

ABUJA Nigerian protesters on Thursday demanded that South African citizens and businesses leave the country and vandalised the head office of mobile phone giant MTN in Abuja in retaliation for anti-Nigerian violence in South Africa.

Nigerian secessionists greet Trump as help against Muslim north

Jan 23 2017

ONITSHA, Nigeria Over 1,000 southern Nigerian secessionists took to the streets on Friday to express the hope that newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump might help counter Muslim influence in their country.

Exxon Mobil oil spill hits communities in southeast Nigeria: local leader

Dec 21 2016

ONITSHA, Nigeria An oil spill from Exxon Mobil Corp facilities in southeast Nigeria's Akwa Ibom state has hit local communities, affecting farming, fishing and drinking water, a local leader said on Wednesday.

Nigerian tomato plant to close, in public embarrassment for Buhari

Nov 03 2016

ONITSHA, Nigeria A Nigerian tomato paste plant said on Thursday it is shutting down, firing 1,500 staff and moving abroad as it is unable to obtain the hard currency it needs to operate, in a public embarrassment for President Muhammadu Buhari and his plan to diversify the economy.

Nigerian communities threaten to block crude pipeline due to oil spill

Oct 30 2016

ONITSHA, Nigeria Nigerian communities affected by an oil spill in the Niger Delta hub have threatened to block access to a pipeline unless state oil producer NNPC provides a cleanup and compensation within one week, a statement said.

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