Anastasia Adasheva

Russian women in the driver's seat as ban on some professions lifted

Jan 21 2021

MOSCOW Muscovite Sofia Dorofeyeva had always been drawn to the trains travelling across the vast expanses of her native Russia but until this year she and her female compatriots had been barred from occupying the driver's seat. | Video

Russian chefs in naked lockdown protest after virus strips them of income

Jun 09 2020

MOSCOW Russian restaurant owners stripped of their income by the coronavirus lockdown are campaigning for their businesses to be allowed to reopen by posting pictures of themselves naked on social media.

Life imitates art as Russian group attracts mock-up masterpieces

May 29 2020

MOSCOW A Russian-language Facebook group that started off as a playful attempt by a group of friends to get through the coronavirus lockdown by recreating art masterpieces using everyday items has become an unexpected global hit. | Video

Russian veteran, 97, follows UK captain with own medical fundraiser

May 06 2020

MOSCOW A 97-year-old Russian World War Two veteran has taken inspiration from the record-breaking charity efforts of British centenarian Captain Tom Moore and raised $27,500 for the families of doctors who died of COVID-19.

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