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Andray Abrahamian

Commentary: Winter Olympics thaw won’t warm young South Koreans to unity

Feb 07 2018

The woman from North Korea was following the standard party line. “All Koreans all over the world dream of and are working towards unification,” she told me as we chatted in Pyongyang three years ago. “Actually, I hate to tell you this,” I cautiously replied, “but I’ve spent some time in the Village Down There,” borrowing a euphemism Northerners use for South Korea. “Young people have largely lost interest in unification. They see the Koreas as two separate countries and don’t think it’s necessary to rejoin.”

Commentary: Trump’s Iran decision hurts chance of a North Korea deal

Oct 19 2017

Donald Trump’s undermining of the Iran nuclear deal only shrinks U.S. options for dealing with North Korea. The U.S. president’s decertification of Tehran’s compliance will be well noted in Pyongyang, giving North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a credible excuse for refusing to negotiate with Washington.


Sep 04 2017

[31日 ロイター] - 北朝鮮と米国などの国連軍が朝鮮戦争の休戦協定を締結してから64年を経て、米国務省は米国人の北朝鮮渡航を禁止した。通達は8月2日に官報に掲載され、9月1日に発効する。

Commentary: The downside of banning Americans from North Korea

Aug 31 2017

Sixty-four years after North Korea and the United States signed an armistice to suspend the Korean War, the U.S. State Department has forbidden American citizens from traveling to the hermit state. The notice was put in the federal register on August 2; it becomes effective on Friday.

Commentary: Let’s get real about the threat from Kim Jong Un

Aug 02 2017

We need to put North Korea’s missile tests in perspective. Yes, they’re worrying. But the U.S. mainland is not in imminent danger.

Commentary: The timing of North Korea’s latest nuclear test is smarter than it looks

Sep 12 2016

What made North Korea decide to conduct its fifth nuclear test last Friday? No doubt because Pyongyang believed that China would allow Kim Jong Un to get away with it. Again.

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