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Hospitals scrap surgeries, Venezuelans forgo showers as taps run dry

Aug 16 2018

CARACAS At one of Caracas' biggest public hospitals, most bathrooms are closed. Patients fill jugs from a tiny tap on the ground floor that sometimes has a trickle of water. Operations are postponed or canceled. | Video

Venezuela lawmaker, student leader arrested: opposition

Aug 08 2018

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition said that lawmaker Juan Requesens and his sister Rafaela Requesens, a student leader, were arrested in their Caracas apartment on Tuesday night, after President Nicolas Maduro ordered a crackdown following drone explosions at a weekend rally.

Venezuela's Maduro a no-show at support rally after drone blasts

Aug 06 2018

CARACAS Venezuelan government sympathizers on Monday rallied to show support for President Nicolas Maduro following weekend drone blasts that he called an assassination attempt, but the socialist leader surprised the crowd by skipping the event.

Venezuela's Maduro rallies supporters after drone blasts

Aug 06 2018

CARACAS Hundreds of flag-waving supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rallied in central Caracas on Monday to show support for the leftist leader following weekend drone blasts that the government called an assassination attempt.

Caracas' dying botanical garden highlights Venezuela's decay

Jul 20 2018

CARACAS Dead palm trees and a dried-up lagoon are what you see when you enter Caracas's botanical garden. A UNESCO World Heritage site and once one of the city's most important tourist spots, its directors are trying to rescue it from abandonment.

Venezuelan engineers turn plastic trash into car parts amid crisis

Jul 19 2018

CARACAS Two young engineers have found an opportunity amid a collapsing economy in Venezuela - inside a garbage dump full of broken electronic hardware. | Video

Fish for flour? Barter is the new currency in collapsing Venezuela

Jul 03 2018

RIO CHICO, Venezuela Under the midday sun, dozens of fishermen wait to sell their day's catch by a lagoon in the town of Rio Chico on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. But they aren't expecting cash in return. | Video

Another way to face reality, Venezuelans flock to theaters

Jun 07 2018

CARACAS A masked Venezuelan protester lies dying on a Caracas street, shot in the chest by a soldier who to his horror realizes he has killed his younger brother. | Video

Lacking tickets, Venezuela's Caracas metro gives free rides

May 31 2018

CARACAS Earlier this month, supervisors at the 53 stations in the metro system in Venezuela's capital Caracas received an unprecedented order: once your supply of tickets runs out, unlock the turnstiles and let passengers ride free.

Cuba's new leader praises Maduro in 'solidarity' visit to Venezuela

May 30 2018

CARACAS Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel flew to Caracas on Wednesday for his first foreign trip as head of state, a show of solidarity for Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, whose controversial re-election this month has drawn condemnation in the West.

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