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Andrew Finkel

From democrat to autocrat: NATO ally turns back on group’s ideals

Dec 22 2014

Police stage a dawn raid on a large-circulation newspaper armed with warrants to take the editor-in-chief into custody.

It’s no love match, but divorce is not an option for U.S. and Turkey

Nov 10 2014

The post-1945 history of Turkey-U.S. relations has been of two NATO allies arguing at cross purposes. Not much has changed since then

Staying on the sidelines: In fight for Kobani, Turkey doesn’t see any good guys

Oct 13 2014

The Turkish government sees no difference between the militant Islamists besieging the city and the militant Kurds defending it.

A NATO ally stays on sidelines of fight against Islamic State

Sep 18 2014

Few countries are in a better position than Turkey to help the United States fight Islamic State. The moderate Islamic country shares a 750 mile border with Syria, is a NATO member and a long-time ally of America. But don’t hold your breath for Turkey’s support.

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