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U.S. suicide attempts up most among younger adults, less educated

Sep 13 2017

(Reuters Health) - Young adults with low levels of education and people with mental health disorders bore the greatest burden of a recent increase in suicide attempts in the U.S., a new study shows.

Anti-HIV pill safe among gay, bisexual adolescent boys

Sep 05 2017

Reuters Health - A pill that protects against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be safely used by young men who have sex with men, according to a new study.

Cardiac arrest help from bystanders less common in black neighborhoods

Aug 30 2017

(Reuters Health) - Neighborhoods with higher proportions of black residents might benefit from programs that teach people how to help others with cardiac arrest, U.S. researchers say.

Study challenges conventional wisdom on fats, fruits and vegetables

Aug 29 2017

(Reuters Health) - Global dietary guidelines should possibly be changed to allow people to consume somewhat more fats, to cut back on carbohydrates and in some cases to slightly scale back on fruits and vegetables, a large study suggests.

Religious young women less educated about HPV vaccine

Aug 29 2017

(Reuters Health) - Religious young women are less knowledgeable about a vaccine that guards against several different types of cancer, suggests a new study from Utah.

Newborns' hospital care quality may be tied to race

Aug 28 2017

(Reuters Health) - The quality of care provided to critically ill newborns is linked with multiple factors, including - in some hospitals - the infants' race, according to a study from California.

Elders may face hearing challenges at doctor's offices

Aug 24 2017

(Reuters Health) - Many older adults may mishear important medical information from their healthcare providers, a study suggests.

Brain activity tied to blood pressure during stress

Aug 23 2017

(Reuters Health) - Brain scans obtained during psychological stress might someday help doctors identify people who are at higher risk for heart disease, a new study suggests.

Using unproven methods to tackle cancer could be deadly

Aug 22 2017

(Reuters Health) - People who decide to tackle their cancer using only unconventional methods are likely to die sooner than patients who opt for conventional treatments, according to a new study.

U.S. study revives argument over mammogram screening

Aug 21 2017

(Reuters Health) - Yearly mammograms starting at age 40 would prevent the most deaths from breast cancer, U.S. researchers reported on Monday in a challenge to more conservative recommendations that take into account both the harms and the benefits of screening.

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