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Andrew Mambondiyani

Loss of bird species hampers forecasting for Zimbabwe's farmers

Sep 24 2018

ZIMUNYA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the summer planting season approaches in eastern Zimbabwe, small-scale farmers struggle with familiar questions: When will the rains come, and when should I sow my crops?

Wet weather brings rise in tick-related cattle deaths in Zimbabwe

Sep 14 2018

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A combination of late, heavy rains and a shortage of cattle dip have contributed to a rise in tick-borne diseases in Zimbabwe this year, a government official said.

Zimbabwe's slums grow as hard-up residents seek cheaper housing

Feb 23 2018

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As dark clouds began to build on the horizon, Tarisai Nyakunu Zimunya, a single mother-of-three, looked worried. The fragile structure she calls home would struggle to withstand a drizzle, let alone a storm.

Amid wet weather, Zimbabwe’s Mutare sees hike in malaria deaths

Jan 16 2018

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After years in which the disease presented only a limited threat, this city in eastern Zimbabwe is seeing a hike in malaria deaths, with more than 30 recorded in 2017, city officials say.

Zimbabwe's farmers brace for return of destructive new pests

Dec 26 2017

MAFUKE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmers in Zimbabwe are anxiously watching their crops, fearing the return of a plethora of new pests that recently spread to the southern African nation and devastated harvests this year.

Zimbabwe's widows left in the cold as in-laws seize property

Dec 12 2017

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Sheila Chimoyo's husband died in 2011, it didn't take long before accusations started to fly.

As droughts lengthen, Zimbabwe’s medicinal plants disappear

Nov 28 2017

ZIMUNYA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Henry Fusirayi Nzarayebani, an elder in Zimunya, a village in eastern Zimbabwe, walks slowly toward plants growing at the edge of a narrow dirt foot path.

Irrigation rehab channels life back into Zimbabwe’s parched fields

Oct 17 2017

NYANYADZI, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In this drought-prone region of eastern Zimbabwe, relying on rain to grow crops no longer makes sense.

Aid groups seek to turn on funding tap to douse drought crises

Jun 12 2017

BARCELONA/HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When a big earthquake, flash flood or other sudden disaster hits, aid agencies spring into action with emergency responses and public appeals for donations. With droughts, it's different.

Gold rush fever among poor Zimbabweans leaves trail of destruction

Apr 17 2017

TARKA FOREST, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans have turned to illegal gold panning in a bid to survive the country's deteriorating economy, leaving a trail of destruction that has alarmed farmers, timber plantation owners and the country's environmental authorities.

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