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Andrew Osborn

Russian police deploy in Syria's Kobani, Trump calls ceasefire 'permanent'

1:18am EDT

MOSCOW/ANKARA/WASHINGTON Russian military police started to deploy on Syria's northeast border on Wednesday under a deal with Turkey to drive out Kurdish fighters, marking Moscow's deepening influence in the region two weeks after the United States pulled out forces. | Video

Putin steps up drive for clout in Africa with broadside against West

Oct 21 2019

MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin stepped up Russia's push for influence in Africa days before he hosts a summit with African leaders, saying on Monday that Moscow could offer help without strings attached unlike what he cast as the exploitative West.

Russia protests after catching U.S. diplomats near military test site

Oct 17 2019

MOSCOW Russia said on Thursday it would issue a formal note of protest to the United States after police caught three U.S. diplomats in what it said was a restricted area near a closed military testing site. | Video

Russia says 'unacceptable' Turkish incursion into Syria must be temporary

Oct 15 2019

ABU DHABI/MOSCOW Russia called Turkey's military incursion into northeast Syria "unacceptable" and said on Tuesday the operation had to be limited in time and scale, a rare broadside that suggests Moscow's patience with Ankara is wearing thin.

Kremlin tells Turkey to ensure Syria operation is proportionate

Oct 14 2019

RIYADH/MOSCOW The Kremlin complained on Monday that Turkey's incursion into northern Syria was "not exactly" compatible with Syrian territorial integrity, and Ankara should ensure its actions were proportionate.

For Putin, Turkish move into Syria a chance to ramp up Middle East role

Oct 10 2019

MOSCOW Turkey's incursion into Syria is an opportunity for Russia to dial up its influence in the region as Washington appears to be pulling back, but the risks to Moscow's diplomacy will rise the longer the operation goes on, people close to the Kremlin say.

Russia quashes jail sentence for actor after public outcry

Sep 30 2019

MOSCOW A Russian court on Monday quashed the jail sentence of an aspiring actor whose conviction for injuring a police officer on the sidelines of an opposition protest triggered a public outcry over alleged police brutality and judicial injustice.

For Ukraine's leader, Trump memo on their call is a diplomatic car crash

Sep 27 2019

KIEV/MOSCOW For U.S. President Donald Trump, White House publication on Wednesday of a memo summarizing his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy fueled a domestic political crisis. | Video

Russia, in rare U-turn, frees jailed actor after outcry

Sep 20 2019

MOSCOW A Russian court on Friday ordered the release of an aspiring actor whose prison sentence for injuring a police officer on the sidelines of an opposition protest sparked a public outcry over alleged police brutality and judicial injustice. | Video

Russia widens Jehovah's Witnesses crackdown with new jailings

Sep 20 2019

MOSCOW Russia has widened a crackdown against Jehovah's Witnesses, jailing six adherents of the Christian denomination for extremism in a move rights activists said was unjust and flouted religious freedom.

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