Andrew R.C. Marshall

Scotland's feuding nationalists seek election majority to keep independence dream alive

Apr 26 2021

EDINBURGH For candidate Angus Robertson, helping his Scottish National Party win a majority in May 6 elections would be a dream come true. Beyond that lies a far bigger prize - another referendum and the prospect of breaking from the United Kingdom.

Special Report: How a coronavirus variant tore through an English island and onto the world stage

Mar 27 2021

ISLE OF SHEPPEY, England Warm weather brings tourists to the Isle of Sheppey, a flat, marshy island near the mouth of the River Thames. Each summer, they fill Sheppey's many caravan parks or flock to villages with seaside attractions geared toward old-school British tourists: pubs and penny arcades, mini-golf and fish and chips. | Video

'Loved ones, not numbers': Inside a British funeral business as COVID deaths surge

Feb 01 2021

LONDON It was a normal busy winter for British funeral director Matthew Uden until the second week of January. "Then it was like someone flicked a switch," he said. | Video

Climate change turns up the heat on ad industry

Dec 17 2020

The avuncular man in the TV ad has an urgent-sounding message from his employer, the oil giant Chevron Corp.

Veteran British eco-activist "Swampy" evicted from high-speed rail project site

Dec 08 2020

LONDON Bailiffs abseiling from a crane removed a veteran British eco-activist known as "Swampy" from a shaky bamboo tower on Tuesday built to delay construction on a planned multi-billion pound high-speed train line.

Veteran British eco-activist "Swampy" blocks high-speed rail project

Dec 08 2020

LONDON, Dec 8 Dozens of police and security guards launched an operation on Tuesday to remove a veteran British eco-activist from a shaky bamboo tower built to delay construction on a planned multi-billion pound high-speed train line.

Special Report: 50,000 COVID-19 deaths and rising. How Britain failed to stop the second wave

Nov 24 2020

By Andrew MacAskill, Stephen Grey, Ryan McNeill, Steve Stecklow, Tommy Wilkes and Andrew R.C. Marshall

In the run-up to U.S. election, drilling lobby promotes natural gas as 'clean'

Aug 18 2020

WASHINGTON/LONDON America's biggest oil and gas lobby group is ramping up its advertising spending ahead of the November election to persuade voters that natural gas is a climate-friendly fuel, according to ad buying data.

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