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'My life's work': Venezuelan union leader vows to defend workers after pardon

Sep 03 2020

LA PICA, Venezuela One of Venezuela's most influential union leaders has vowed to press on with his fight for workers' rights after his release this week from two years of detention in a military prison on what he calls trumped up charges.

Detained Colombia businessman was negotiating with Iran for Venezuela, lawyers say

Aug 28 2020

A Colombian businessman detained in Cape Verde in June was on a mission to Iran as a special envoy of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to negotiate fuel and humanitarian supplies at the time of his arrest, his lawyers told Reuters.

UK court recognises Guaido as Venezuela's president in gold dispute

Jul 02 2020

LONDON Britain has recognised Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's president, the English High Court ruled on Thursday, in a case over whether Guaido or Nicolas Maduro should control $1 billion of its gold stored in London.

Venezuela's rival presidents prepare to battle over gold in London vaults

Jun 19 2020

LONDON/CARACAS In the vaults beneath the Bank of England, where foreign nations stash parts of their vast gold reserves, lie 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion) of disputed gold bars. Two parties claim access to them.

Exclusive: U.S. preparing criminal indictment against wife of Venezuela's Maduro - sources

May 27 2020

CARACAS/WASHINGTON The United States is preparing to charge the wife of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in coming months with crimes that could include drug trafficking and corruption, four people familiar with the case told Reuters.

Special Report: U.S. takes aim at the power behind Venezuela's Maduro - his first lady

May 27 2020

CARACAS/WASHINGTON Four years ago, a bit player in the Venezuelan leadership was arrested in Colombia and extradited to the United States to face drug charges. He proved to be an important catch.

Anarchy in Venezuela's jails laid bare by massacre over food

May 08 2020

CARACAS Three weeks before he was shot dead, Miguel Calderon, an inmate in the lawless Los Llanos jail on Venezuela's central plains, sent a voice message to his father.

Detained American claims he plotted Maduro's capture in Venezuela TV statement

May 07 2020

CARACAS A former U.S. soldier captured in Venezuela said on Wednesday that he had been contracted by a Florida security firm to seize control of Caracas' airport and bring in a plane to fly President Nicolas Maduro to the United States. | Video

In run-down Caracas institute, Venezuela's coronavirus testing falters

Apr 17 2020

CARACAS As coronavirus explodes across Latin America, Venezuela's leaders have taken to the airwaves to laud the nation's efforts to control the spread.

Ex-Venezuelan spy chief Carvajal discussing surrender with U.S. authorities: sources

Mar 28 2020

CARACAS/WASHINGTON The former head of Venezuela's military intelligence unit, Hugo Carvajal, is discussing his possible surrender with U.S. authorities, three people familiar with the matter said on Saturday, after prosecutors charged him this week with drug trafficking alongside Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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