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Tunisian power struggle risks street escalation

Feb 22 2021

TUNIS A standoff over a cabinet reshuffle in Tunisia has accelerated a power struggle between the president, prime minister and parliament speaker that threatens to spill over into street protests by rival blocs and bring down the government.

U.N. Libya forum starts voting for country's interim presidency council

Feb 02 2021

GENEVA Participants in U.N. Libya talks in Switzerland cast votes on Tuesday for a new national presidency council to create a transitional government to oversee national elections in December, although no immediate winners emerged.

Exclusive: Tunisia to issue up to $3 billion debt and push reforms this year, finance minister says

Jan 31 2021

TUNIS Tunisia will issue debt worth up to $3 billion this year and aims to roll over some existing credit arrangements while setting in train wider economic reforms, Finance Minister Ali Kooli told Reuters in an interview.

Tunisia's parliament approves Cabinet reshuffle amid protests

Jan 27 2021

TUNIS Tunisia's parliament on Tuesday approved a Cabinet reshuffle that deepened the conflict between the prime minister and the president, as hundreds protested outside the heavily barricaded parliament over social inequality and police abuses.

In poor districts, young Tunisians with nothing to lose clash with police

Jan 22 2021

TUNIS The 19-year-old smoking with friends in a poor district of Tunisia's capital had a simple explanation for night-time clashes between youths and police that have shaken the country - he has nothing to lose. | Video

Ten years on, anger grows in Tunisian town where 'Arab Spring' began

Dec 15 2020

SIDI BOUZID, Tunisia Ten years ago, a fruit seller set himself ablaze in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid after an altercation with a policewoman about where he had put his cart.

Analysis: Washington's Western Sahara pledge the ultimate prize for Morocco

Dec 11 2020

TUNIS Morocco's decision to normalise ties with Israel has handed Rabat its biggest step yet towards the prize it values most - global recognition of its claim to Western Sahara.

Analysis: Libya's rival forces have stopped shooting, but they're not pulling back

Nov 26 2020

SIRTE, Libya/TUNIS In Libya's frontline city of Sirte, parts of which still lie in ruins, the commission set up to oversee warring rivals' recent ceasefire has put its name on a large downtown conference centre - an outward sign of its commitment to peace.

Libya U.N. envoy expects election date to be set at coming talks

Oct 27 2020

TUNIS The United Nations acting Libya envoy expects coming political talks to designate a date for national elections, she told Reuters on Tuesday, after the country's two warring sides agreed a ceasefire last week.

Public debt, populism and protests as Tunisia faces crisis

Jul 17 2020

TUNIS The collapse of Tunisia's shortest-lived government since its 2011 revolution has plunged its young democracy into a new crisis after successive failures by elected leaders to turn political freedom into economic success.

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