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Site manager, transport minister accept responsibility for Taiwan train crash

Apr 04 2021

HUALIEN, Taiwan (Reuters) -The manager of a construction site whose truck slid onto rail tracks causing a catastrophic train crash in Taiwan accepted responsibility for the disaster on Sunday, as did the transport minister, although his offer to resign was rejected for now. | Video

Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount

Apr 04 2021

HUALIEN, Taiwan, April 4 Taiwan's transport minister said on Sunday he would not shirk his responsibility for a deadly train crash even as his resignation offer was rejected amid growing questions over safety lapses that could have contributed to the disaster.

Taiwan releases train crash suspect on bond, prosecutors lodge appeal

Apr 03 2021

HUALIEN, Taiwan (Reuters) -A Taiwan court on Saturday released on bond the manager of a construction site whose truck authorities believe caused a train accident that killed at least 51 people, as family members mourned the dead at the crash site. | Video

CORRECTED-Taiwan prosecutors seek to detain suspect in deadly train crash

Apr 03 2021

HUALIEN, Taiwan, April 3 Taiwanese prosecutors have sought to detain a construction site manager whose truck is believed to have caused a train accident in which at least 50 people died.

Train crash kills 50 in Taiwan's deadliest rail tragedy in decades

Apr 02 2021

HUALIEN, Taiwan A Taiwan express train with almost 500 aboard derailed in a tunnel on Friday after hitting a truck that had slid down a bank onto the track, killing at least 50 passengers and injuring 146 in the island's worst rail disaster in seven decades. | Video

Sea goddess, air force C-130s called upon to fight Taiwan drought

Mar 19 2021

HSINCHU, Taiwan Taiwan is drilling wells, seeding clouds and beseeching a gold-faced sea goddess to help the sub-tropical island ride out its most serious drought in about half a century, after rain-soaking typhoons failed to make landfall last year. | Video

From safety of Taiwan, new magazine reaches out to Hong Kong diaspora

Mar 09 2021

TAIPEI A new magazine in support of Hong Kong's struggle for democracy is reaching out to the diaspora and those still living in the former British colony, offering unvarnished commentary from the safety of Taiwan where it is published.

Firecrackers fly as Taiwanese celebrate pared back festival

Feb 27 2021

YANSHUI, Taiwan Firecrackers lit up the skies on Friday night as Taiwanese celebrated a cacophonous traditional festival in the island's south, pared back this year due to the coronavirus pandemic but still allowed to go ahead due to Taiwan's low case numbers.

Lights! Models! Garbage! Taiwan designer turns waste into fashion

Dec 21 2020

TAIPEI Inspiration for high fashion can come from strange places. For one Taiwanese designer, it's upcycling old wires and bolts from the power industry. | Video

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